Hazure Skill Volume 1: Lighthearted Fun [Manga]

Hazure Skill: The Guild Member With A Worthless Skill Is Actually A Legendary Assassin Volume 1 (a mouthful of a title) is hilarious thanks to the lead character, Roland, and his interactions with various people in his quest—pun intended—to lead an everyday life. Hazure Skill Volume 1 is a story by Kennoji, art by Fuh Araki, character design by KWKM with translation by Jan Mitsuko Cash, and lettering by Chiho Christie. After Roland defeats the demon lord, his name, fame, and fortune are about to skyrocket. However, instead of taking credit, Roland requests to disappear from the assassin’s life and seek a life of normalcy. He gets a job at the local Adventurers Guild to help with this endeavor.