Let The Little Light Shine—The Roar of The Unheard

Let The Little Light Shine, directed and produced by Kevin Shaw, documents the battle between a predominantly Black school, National Teachers Academy (NTA), and the encroaching gentrification. The documentary focuses on the parents, students, and principal of NTA but also covers the school’s initial struggles. Let The Little Light Shine shows an authentic look at a grassroots movement to save a school; a look at the politics, fake change, and catering to white people that places undue pain on Black people.

Accepted: Tragic Look At Education [Tribeca Review]

Accepted is a documentary directed by Dan Chen that looks at the college preparatory school, TM Landry. The school touts a 100% college acceptance rate for students, but underneath that impressive record lies questions and harm. It raises questions about our educational system, the different schools and prep academies, and the inequalities that create a cycle of poverty for those already impoverished.

Who We Are: A Chronicle Of Racism In America Is Both A Personal Journey And A National Discussion—SXSW Review

Who We Are: A Chronicle Of Racism In America is a documentary, directed by Emily and Sarah Kunstler and written by Jeffery Robinson, that discusses the issue and history of racism. Racism has been the foundation of the U.S. for far too long. It ties in Jeffery Robinson speaking at an event on the topic as well as a mix of archival footage from history, interviews and Jeffery’s personal experiences to balance both the broader issue of racism with the micro effects in people’s lives.