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Big Ethel Energy Captures The Heart Of Going Back Home
I turned to the first page of Big Ethel Energy with a tinge of excitement. In this comic from Archie Comics, the first couple …
Big Ethel Energy Volume 2 Shows the Emotional Landscape of Love and Growth
Big Ethel Energy Volume 2 is easily a favorite. It's fascinating to see the characters and Riverdale through the lens of her experiences. Nuanced …
The Archie Encyclopedia Looks To Be the Definitive Guide
The Archie Encyclopedia is a detailed, entertaining collection of all characters who appeared in Archie's universe. An exciting addition to any comic collector.
The Sea in You Gives Us Love Between a Girl and Mermaid
The Sea in You delivers an LGBTQ+ love story, embracing diverse characters, fantastical beauty and spins a classic tale into something timely.
Tower #1 Is a Survival Story With a Compelling Mystery
Tower #1 raises lots of question as readers are as lost as Casandra. But they'll need to develop the characters more to keep readers …