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Time and again, stories told outside the “norm”–i.e. the cis white male perspective–are challenged. Their validity questioned. If previous successes like In Living ColorLiving Single, and Moesha weren’t enough to silence these naysaying voices, current successful shows and franchises–like Black PantherWatchmen, and Euphoria–should tell them audiences are hungry for a reflection of Black lives, culture, and experiences.

“LOVECRAFT COUNTRY Is a Radical Blend of Race & Sci-fi”

The skateboarding is what brings them together, but friendship—the tangible, authentic kind—is what binds them to each other. There is loyalty, hilarity, and drama among these women that does not stretch belief. This is thanks in part to the characters, but also to director Crystal Moselle, who first approached the girls for the film Skate Kitchen, and ever so slightly reimagined their story for Betty

“BETTY Beautifully Explores Women Who Skateboard”

Nostalgia inspires some of our best films and shows, paying homage to a previous generation and wistfully recalling fond memories of songs, styles, and, for some, youth. There is, however, a fine line between nostalgia that calls on memories of sounds, hairstyles, and bright clothes oddly paired, and nostalgia that pines for a time that was better…for some.

“I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS and Nostalgia for the White Gaze”