Emergency [Sundance ’22 Review]

Emergency starts as a comedy but spirals into a dramatic film that leaves you filled with dread as it progresses. Directed by Carey Williams and written by KD Davila, Emergency is about a night of would-be partying spiraling into a comedy of errors that leads to a potentially dangerous outcome. With strong directing and dynamic acting from the trio of men, Emergency tackles the terror of racism in an engrossing way. It does not seek to find a resolution but demonstrates how that unwarranted terror can have a lasting impact.

When You Finish Saving The World [Sundance ’22 Review]

Quirky with a helping of cringe and creep, When You Finish Saving The World is entertaining, although it lacks deeper substance. Julianne Moore stands out in her role as Evelyn, and Finn Wolfhard’s character, Ziggy, displays a level of white, entitled, lazy narcissism with an obsession that encapsulates a generation prizing their value with likes on social media.