Sundance Review: ‘Censor’ Is Muted Tones With 80’s Horror

Censor is a smoky, eerie, down-the-rabbit-hole horror that mixes the best sound effects styles of 80s horror with watered-down colors. The story is about the mental deterioration of Enid (Niamh Algar), who spends her days protecting the general public from video nasties—horror films that are too violent or gory. She watches films from start to finish and recommends whether they should be banned.

SUNDANCE Review: ‘Wild Indian’ Is A Riveting Thriller About The Inescapability Of Our Past

Wild Indian, directed by Lynne Mitchell Corbine Jr., is a film that focuses on the impact of actions, and how it influences us throughout our lives. Inevitably, we are unable to hide from our decisions and the experiences that mold us. The film follows Makwa and Ted-o as children and then as adults confronting their actions in the past. The story and acting are strong and lean. Nothing drags, although certain parts feel unnecessary. However, the film explores cycles of abuse and trauma in this craftily-constructed thriller.

Sundance Review: Summer of Soul (…Or, When The Revolution Could Not Be Televised) Is The Festival We Deserve

Summer of Soul is Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson’s (member of The Roots, filmmaker, producer, DJ) directorial debut and it is brilliant. Even during the pandemic, we had no reprieve from being targeted by police for violence and politicians and a healthcare system that largely ignores us and this documentary gives us a glimpse of where we are by looking back at where we were. We are tired; tired of the violence, the erasure of our achievements, our voices, and our worth. 

SUNDANCE Review: ‘Coda’ Is A Lovely, Quirky Story We Don’t See Enough

Coda is an entertaining, funny, heartfelt look at a family. Ruby (Emilia Jones) is a teenager and the only hearing member of her family and she becomes torn between being there for her family or her dream of becoming a singer. Ruby has long been the defender and interpreter for her family, both for phone calls, orders, and working on their fishing boat. She initially had no dreams outside of her life, but when she sees a boy she likes signs up for choir and she follows suit, new opportunities are set in motion.