Who We Are: A Chronicle Of Racism In America Is Both A Personal Journey And A National Discussion—SXSW Review

Who We Are: A Chronicle Of Racism In America is a documentary, directed by Emily and Sarah Kunstler and written by Jeffery Robinson, that discusses the issue and history of racism. Racism has been the foundation of the U.S. for far too long. It ties in Jeffery Robinson speaking at an event on the topic as well as a mix of archival footage from history, interviews and Jeffery’s personal experiences to balance both the broader issue of racism with the micro effects in people’s lives.

Subjects of Desire Discusses The Dual Invisibility and Hypervisibility of Black Women’s Presence—SXSW Review

Subjects of Desire focuses on contestants for the Miss Black America beauty pageant. The documentary discusses issues of identity, Blackness, bullying, and the system that both envy their beauty while disregarding their existence. It charts Black women’s journey. Especially, as they are viewed in opposition to white women who are the center for beauty. It does not look at the stereotypes attributed to beauty pageants. More-so, it is the exploration and struggle that Black women and girls experience.