Bloody Sweet Volume 1 is Magical With Laughter, Magic, and Heart

Bloody Sweet Volume 1 cover of Fetechou smiling, wearing a collar with a red thread protruding and a hand holding the thread.

Manhwas are becoming my favorites—full-color illustrations and a gripping story. Bloody Sweet Volume 1 is in the top 3 for me. It’s supernatural but with ties to reality, like shamans. With an apt title that does not fully encapsulate this story’s range, this manhwa does not drag. There’s something to rage, laugh or sniffle about on every page. Bloody Sweet Volume 1 has emotional depth, supernatural fun, and comedy. I could not put it down. I crave the second volume as much as Fetechou craves Naerim’s blood.

Created by NaRae Lee, Bloody Sweet gave me the initial impression of the anime Kimi Ni Todoke. Translated by Yen Press and lettered by Abigail Blackman, the manhwa opens with a girl linked with blood, traveling on a red thread to a vampire. Then it backs up to show how Naerim wound up in that situation. Naerim reminds me—and her classmates—of Sadako from The Ring—like Sawako in the previously mentioned anime. But where Sawako in that series did receive some bullying, Naerim’s high school experience is hell.

Bloody Sweet Volume 1 Has Vampire With a Goal and A Bullied Girl Meet

Although Naerim thinks she suffers from misfortune, Fetechou might be the best thing for her. Because of her bullying, she doesn’t talk to anyone. Though her online life thrives as she shares her crafts and stories, inspiring others through her works. Thanks to Fetechou, within a short while, Naerim is talking. She even smiles and laughs, though rarely at school still. Their relationship is funny and sweet. Plus, Fetechou’s depiction reminds me of Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club—clinging and adorable but with an underlying threat of danger and pain.

Blood Links, Magic, and Curses

Bloody Sweet Volume 1 cover of Fetechou smiling, wearing a collar with a red thread protruding and a hand holding the thread.

Bloody Sweet Volume 1 takes a unique approach to blood with the red leash that only Naerim and Fetechou see. The link moves from Fetechou’s collar to wherever the source of blood is on Naerim. This feature of their master/slave dynamic leads to some unforeseen laughs. But while their relationship develops and Naerim tries to remember this is a transactional relationship, as Fetechou’s bound to her, another situation brews.

Naerim’s mom, who is a shaman, and she are not close. They do not speak, and her mother is often out helping some individual or another. Yet, danger lurks for future volumes as a demonic courtesan, Elder Maggi, wants her daughter. Her mom’s trying to prevent that. The spirit deals with grudges, so the people bullying Naerim could live to regret it. But it always comes back to the person, aka Naerim. Kind of like the Hell Girl series with the “dig two graves.”

You’ll Scream Either From Laughing or Anger

Bloody Sweet Volume 1 balances comedy with sad and angering moments and even manages to set up a possible love triangle all in one book. I love the full-color illustrations that capture every emotional beat. As you read, you’ll wish death on lead bully Jina. She deserves for her scheming to catch up with her. Hyoyeol makes up the competition for Fetechou. But there could be a bromance as they try to bolster Naerim’s confidence. Bloody Sweet Volume 1 is a must if you’re a fan of stories like Kimi Ni Todoke with a supernatural aspect. You’ll thank me for it.

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