Bofuri Volume 10 Gives Readers What They Love, Maple and Skills

Bofuri Volume 10 cover of Sally and her pet on the cover.

Bofuri Volume 10 or, by its lengthier name, Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense Volume 10, starts a bit slow. But once the story finds its stride, there’s adventure, surprises, new friends, and rivals. Maple’s eccentric nature makes for much of the entertainment in every volume. However, her heartfelt warmth makes others gravitate to her, including readers. Bofuri Volume 10 sets up the stage for the next event, and of course, Maple levels up with exciting new skills. 

Written by Yuumikan, illustrated by Koin, and translated by Andrew Cunningham, it starts with a reminder of the previous event. After that, the Yen Press light novel slows it down. The volume consists of a prologue, ten chapters, and an epilogue. Maple and Sally decide to explore previous stratums as they initially focused more on leveling and less on sightseeing. But soon, they run into top members from other rising guilds looking to topple them from infamy. 

Bofuri Volume 10 Drags a Bit But Showcases Sally’s Thoughts

While exploring starry skied locations might not interest some readers, there’s more to their spelunking. It allows a broader understanding of Sally’s (Risa) feelings. She views her real-life friend as a companion and a rival in the game. She also fears that Maple (Kaede) will tire of playing NWO, ending their online fun. Her worry is understandable, as Risa’s never gotten Kaede to play a game for this long. After all, experiences are always better with friends. But there’s still some tedium to their travels as little happens. But soon, the pace starts picking up.

Rivals and Sally’s Determination

Bofuri Volume 10 cover of Sally and her pet on the cover.
Bofuri Volume 10 cover. Yen Press.

Maple and Sally’s notoriety aside, new guilds are on the rise. What makes Bofuri Volume 10 and the series as a whole so fun is—in this world—few take the game too seriously. There’s competitiveness, but in the end, everyone plays to have fun. So, while they encounter rivals looking to PvP against the best, none harbor ill will. The two make a dynamic pair between Maple’s unpredictability and Sally’s analytical thinking in combat. But they are newcomers geared to present a challenge. The detail of how they break down the fights and skills used makes each match-up, whether PvP or PvE, tense-filled fun. 

A New Event Looms

Though the new event does not have the PvP readers might anticipate, there’s little doubt the events will be exciting and surprising for many with Maple’s newly acquired skill. Bofuri Volume 10 skillfully lays the groundwork for the future. Thanks to the action, it’s easy to get lost in this series and even easier to identify with the camaraderie and fun that group gameplay engenders. 

Bofuri Volume 10 sets the stage for the next event while broadening the collection of characters with quirky skill sets. It’s easy to forgive the initial drag because Maple, Sally, and company are that entertaining. While anonymous gamers chat about white monsters, readers delight in their knowledge and their front-row seat to Maple’s shenanigans. Excitement for the future, rivals in the wings, and the continued twist to skills and battles keep Bofuri Volume 10 captivating. 

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