Bofuri Volume 9 You Wish For a Maple

Bofuri Volume 9 cover art of Mii from the Flame Empire guild with her pet, Ignis behind her.

Bofuri Volume 9, also known as Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense Volume 9 has a new event for the ever-cheerful Maple Tree guild. Maple, Sally, and the entire members achieve the requirements to play the event on the highest difficulty. But the developers have some plans up their sleeves for the best of the best. Bofuri Volume 9 keeps the battles rolling, interspersing humorous proof of how much Maple Tree members think outside the box.

Written by Yuumikan with illustrations by Koin, this volume has six chapters, a prologue, and a short story collection. Translated by Andrew Cunningham, this Yen Press light novel includes a cute introduction to the Maple Tree members. So, you get to see some extreme builds, especially Maple, Mai, and Yui, followed by a quick rundown of previous stratums in NWO (NewWorld Online). This event grants medals to entire guilds in the event, so a victory for one is a victory for all.

In Bofuri Volume 9, All of Maple Tree Gets to Show Off

Thanks to Sally’s critical thinking surrounding the preliminaries, the entire group is off to a great start. She stands out impressively in this volume as her strategies and quick assessment of situations help the whole team. But in this volume, you see every member flex their talents via combat and thinking on their feet. There are even unlikely pairings that force teams to get creative. Bofuri Volume 9 puts you in the action with stakes, and sure, it’s just a game. But every gamer knows it matters when you’re in the thick of it.

The event stretches over three days in the game, and each day because more challenging and deadlier than the previous. After all, the developers don’t want to nerf Maple. So, they want the monsters in the game to challenge the top players. But too powerful, and no one else could face them. It’s not only Maple, Pain, and Mii’s respective guilds that naturally make it to the event’s hardest difficulty. Developers have a rough gig, balancing gameplay between challenging for all players without discouraging them.

Emphasis on Teamwork

Bofuri Volume 9 cover art of Mii from the Flame Empire guild with her pet, Ignis behind her.
Bofuri Volume 9 cover art. Yen Press

Plenty of games that have PvP (player versus player) with PvE (player versus environment) are a challenge to enjoy because too many take the game seriously. Bofuri helps establish that games can be more than bitter rivalries and anger. Maple is the one who brings out that spirit of working together, but others exhibit it as well. Namely, Mai and Yui show that good-natured gaming mindset. So, when they see a member of a rival guild they work with show fantastic new skills, their awe, and praise are genuine. It’s not tainted with jealousy or feeling threatened. Bofuri Volume 9 demonstrates a gaming team can be competitive and laidback.

Bofuri Volume 9 is a fun read, as you get to enjoy your faves going all out for group battles. There’s action, Maple odd antics, and individual showcases combined with surprising teams for this event. I also love how they show the point of view of the developers and other gamers commenting about Maple’s overpowered, boss-level danger. Regarding gaming light novels that focus on fun, but have stakes thanks to seeing your beloved characters battle, Bofuri Volume 9, and the series as a whole, is one of my favorites.

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