Bride of the Barrier Master Volume 2 Is Magic, Mayhem, and Marriage

Bride of the Barrier Master Volume 2 cover of Saku sitting with Hana leaning back on him and dog deity, Arashi, laying down in front of them.

Bride of the Barrier Master Volume 2 keeps the momentum of the first one. Hana’s now the wife of the head of Ichinomiya clan. Despite some hiccups, she’s managed to keep her power hidden and lives a fun life in the Ichinomiya household. But all that’s about to change. Bride of the Barrier Master Volume 2 builds Hana and Saku’s relationship while making room for new people, Hana’s twin, and a new shikigami wrapped up laughs and battles as Hana grows in confidence.  

Written by Kureha with cover art by Bodak and translation by Linda Liu, the series begins after a brief prologue sets up the looming threat of this volume. The Yen Press light novel has five chapters, with many laughs and character development for Hazuki. I love that despite their marriage, Hana remains the focus, not Saku. However, Saku’s determination to keep Hana in their marriage builds irritation. 

Bride of the Barrier Master Volume 2 Shows the Highs and Lows of Married Life

Hana’s marriage may be in name only, with a contract that promises divorce, a hefty payout, and now a villa thanks to her assisting Saku on his last case, but it’s not as straightforward or cut and dried as that. She didn’t read the fine print on that contract. So, now divorce is off the table. As for the villa, it’s swarming with Shades she must regularly destroy. It’s surprising that Hana even speaks to Saku. But even though she wants nothing to do with practitioners, Hana has to help when the danger is imminent. She also cares about Saku, so dealing with the Shades at the villa relieves some of his burden. 

The funniest aspect of their marriage is her shikigamis determination to keep her chaste and Saku away. So, whenever he tries to put the moves on her, someone, usually Aoi, pops up with a kick. However, seeing Hana punch him for encroaching on her space made me happy. She’s not the weak, emotionally dependent character burdened with insecurities. So, the shikigami she has also doesn’t lack confidence and strength. With the addition of shikigami and deity Arashi, there’s more fun for everyone else and extra headaches for Saku.

More About Twin Hazuki as a New Set of Twins Arrive

Bride of the Barrier Master Volume 2 cover of Saku sitting with Hana leaning back on him and dog deity, Arashi, laying down in front of them.
Bride of the Barrier Master Volume 2 cover. Yen Press.

While Hana and Hazuki’s parents are horrendous, there were a lot of questions about Hana and Hazuki’s relationship in the first volume. The second volume shows more Hazuki, though it’s still unclear if Hana fully misinterpreted her actions in the previous book. The arrival of other twins, Kikiyo and Kiriya, from one of the five clans contrasts with Hana and Hazuki’s current relationship. Bride of the Barrier Master Volume 2 shows Kikiyo’s growth mirroring Hazuki’s. Both learn to speak up rather than remain squeaky, meek, and flat characters. 

Bride of the Barrier Master Volume 2 keeps the story riveting. There are new threats, new friends, and the mystery about Hana’s powers suddenly appearing on her fifteenth birthday. But they need to tone down Saku’s pursuit of Hana. The story can show them developing affection and passion without these problematic no-means-yes antics. Overall, Bride of the Barrier Master Volume 2 is an excellent follow-up to introducing Hana and this magical and dangerous world in the first volume, filled with laughs, action, and the joy of sticking it to the naysayers. 

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