Archie Comics

Big Ethel Energy cover of Ethel Muggs holding a pen to her face, her back against Jughead wearing a crown.

Big Ethel Energy Captures The Heart Of Going Back Home

I turned to the first page of Big Ethel Energy with a tinge of excitement. In this comic from Archie Comics, the first couple of pages, written by Keryl Brown Ahmed and inks by Siobhan Keenan, I knew this would be a page-turner and a reread. The story follows Ethel Muggs from Riverdale as she decides to return to the town she left seven years ago to write a book on the town’s history. Ethel is relatable for any adult who felt unseen or bullied in school. Full of moments of humor, discomfort, and strength, Big Ethel Energy Volume 1 is the kind of story you dread reaching the last page. 

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