I Want To Be a Wall Volume 1 Review

Filled with the usual “getting to know you” romantic beats without the romance, I Want To Be a Wall Volume 1 is endearing and explores a relationship rarely seen in any entertainment format. The two protagonists exhibit sweet qualities toward each other that stem from something more profound than physical passion and romantic love. 

Reign of the Seven Spellblades Volume 3 Review (Manga)

Written by Sakae Esuno, original story by Bokuto Uno with character design by Ruria Miyuki, translations by Andrew Cunningham, and lettering by Brandon Bovia, this story starts fascinating and just gets better. Reign of the Seven Spellblades delivers an engaging journey with action, comedy, and deeper secrets that make you crave the next volume.

I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too Volume 1 Review

I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too Volume 1 may be a wordy title (I’m noticing a trend of wordy titles), but I love this light novel from Yen Press. The story is terrific despite one part making me grit my teeth in annoyance. Written by Miku with illustrations by Rein Kuwashima and translation by Noboru Akimoto, I stayed up till the early morning to read this. After all, who would not want to get a skill from a game-like world and bring it here? As a gamer, I hands down love this! I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World Volume 1 has a sweet, clueless central character and a fascinating story. 

Banished from the Hero’s Party Volume 1 Review

This Yen Press manga is adorable with a story by Zappon, art by Masahiro Ikeno, character design by Yasumo with translation by Dale Delucia, and lettering by Dayeun Kim. This world reminds me of RPG games, where each person receives a blessing when they are born. Though the first volume does not stand out, Banished from the Hero’s Party Volume 1 entertains and teases enough to make readers wonder where the story heads. 

Love of Kill Volume 07 Review

Love Of Kill Volume 07 by Fe with translations by Eleanor Ruth Summers and lettering by Chiho Christie may be 90% flashback, but I still could not put this manga down. Yen Press put out a terrific manga because I love the chemistry between Ryang-Ha and Chateau. Ryang-Ha may seem comical and clingy, but he is also deadly, and he compliments Chateau’s chilly personality. I love Fe’s work because the characters stand out from looks to mannerisms, and the story is a page-turner. 

Happy Sugar Life Volume 9 Review

Happy Sugar Life manga has psychological pain, trauma, some violence, and a yandere girl at the center of it all. Happy Sugar Life deals with love and the various expressions of it and obsession. Many characters are stuck in their fantasy of what love and care entail and do not respond well to reality, like yandere Satou Matsuzaka. Happy Sugar Life Volume 9 is disturbing without depicting graphic scenes as Satou plans her escape with missing girl Shio Kōbe. 

Mieruko-chan Volume 3 Review

Slice of life mangas inspire nostalgia, joy and can reignite gusto for life. But I love when they include paranormal activity because navigating life and the supernatural combine laughter, happiness, and terror. Mieruko-chan reminds me of Kimi Ni Todoke and one of the shorts in the Tales of Terror from Tokyo and All Over Japan anthology series. The one with the guy who ignored ghosts that were literally hanging onto him. Miko’s sweetness and her adamant refusal to acknowledge the creepy things she sees is endearing. I sympathize with her because I’d go the same route and probably less effective too. Mieruko-chan Volume 3 balances the horror and hilarity with the unfolding mystery, and I am excited for what’s next.

Strawberry Fields Once Again Volume 3 Review

Pure and Akira’s story comes to an end in the final yuri manga volume. Strawberry Fields Once Again Volume 3 wraps up Pure and Akira’s relationship in saccharine sweet beauty despite the confusing parts of the story. However, the story deserved another volume or two for clarity and more time for backstory and side characters. Plus, I’m not sure about the implication of love and disability.

I Cannot Reach You Volume 2 Review

There are unavoidable challenges in life, but there are those that people and society force on us. It’s refreshing to see stories that center people often pushed to the fringes. I Cannot Reach You looks at the first pangs of love between best friends Yamato and Kakeru. It’s a challenge for teens to express their feelings already, but fearing ridicule and rejection based on archaic heteronormative and gender roles is a fear no one should experience. I Cannot Reach You Volume 2 is a sweet BL romance manga that focuses on the buildup before a relationship.

Love of Kill Volume 2 Review

Give me a man that can dial up the humor to eleven, as well as the icy exterior when required. Love of Kill Volume 2 delivers an assassin that makes me think of Tamaki-senpai in Ouran High School Host Club.