Chainsaw Man “Arrival In Tokyo” Is Laughs Over Gloom

Chainsaw Man "Arrival In Tokyo" image of Denji staring.

Chainsaw Man episode 2, “Arrival In Tokyo,” continues the anime based on the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Studio MAPPA’s second episode starts off hilarious and a bit sad. Denji (Kikunosuke Toya), now with Makima (Tomori Kusunoki)—a devil hunter with Public Safety—acclimates to his new situation. After the first episode led with some heavy scenes and a violent ending, Chainsaw Man’s “Arrival In Tokyo” focuses on comedy, introducing new characters and broadening this bizarre world we got a glimpse of in the first episode.

“Arrival In Tokyo” Is Denji’s Transformation From Dog To…Dog 

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 "Arrival In Tokyo" still of Makima (Tomori Kusunoki) thinking.
Chainsaw Man Episode 2 “Arrival In Tokyo” still of Makima (Tomori Kusunoki). Studio MAPPA/Crunchyroll

Props to Denji for his one-track mind. He’s got another chance at life, thanks to Pochita. Denji does not intend to waste it. But you feel bad. After watching the Yakuza treat Denji like a dog, Makima turns around and does the same. Granted, as Makima’s dog, his treatment and accommodations are better. Still Denji’s misfortune seems to lurk beneath the surface. But you’d never know it to look at him. After Makima says she likes is “Denji type,” of men, his mind is in the clouds. Or, more accurately, the gutter. Denji wants to get with her in both a relationship and physical sense. Pochita, welcome to Denji’s dream. 

Record-breaking Testes Kicks

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 "Arrival In Tokyo" still of Aki (Shogo Sagata) punching Denji (Kikunosuke Toya).
Chainsaw Man Episode 2 “Arrival In Tokyo” still of Denji (Kikunosuke Toya) and Aki (Shogo Sagata). Studio MAPPA/Crunchyroll

“Arrival In Tokyo” is a lighthearted episode compared to the first. Denji thought he would work with Makima. When Makima pairs him with Aki Hayakawa (Shogo Sagata), he throws a tantrum. Denji isn’t the only one upset with this. Aki is upset too, and maybe jealous. It is unclear where Aki’s jealousy comes from. It could be attraction towards Makima or admiration for her and feeling Denji is not good enough. Plus, Aki feels Denji lacks a goal and is a dead man walking since all Denji wants is Makima.

Regardless of the motivation, they get into a fight with many kicks to the testicles. The humor felt odd at first. Spitting on someone is the height of disrespect. So I half-expected someone to die. Still, those kicks to the balls teach a valuable lesson and leave viewers howling. Beware of the nut monster. At first, Aki seemed like the too cool type, but that fight ended the notion. Chainsaw Man’s second episode feels like an emotional swap from the first. Heavy on comedy and light on seriousness. 

Denji And Power Duo

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 "Arrival In Tokyo" still of Power (Fairouz Ai) talking, her open mouth revealing fangs.
Chainsaw Man Episode 2 “Arrival In Tokyo” still of Power (Fairouz Ai). Studio MAPPA/Crunchyroll.

When Denji meets Power (Fairouz Ai), a Fiend (devil that takes over a human body), he focuses on his new goal; to touch a boob. He is a young after all with limited positive experiences. Since getting laid seems too far away his goal starts small. A wise decision. Denji’s lust-filled thoughts and voicing them aloud reminds me of Hideki Motosuwa from Chobits. At least Denji hasn’t gotten a nosebleed yet. Given his past, his obsession is understandable. His life has been miserable and Denji had no one except for Pochita. So, of course he wants a woman. Though Power’s breasts might come with a heavy cost.

Power is strong and confident. Once she locks onto a target, she’s gone. Her blood manipulation reminds me of Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond The Boundary). But her personality and hammer remind me of Harley Quinn, which I love. Connecting new films and shows to another favorite character or series is a joy. With Power’s volatility there is sure to be additional surprises in the Chainsaw Man series. The introduction of new characters is seamless and does not feel forced. Since Denji needs to learn, and who better to train him than an experienced devil hunter? Plus, Aki would retaliate and assign him a problematic partner.  

Death Looms Around Denji
Chainsaw Man Episode 2 "Arrival In Tokyo" still of Denji (Kikunosuke Toya) wiping blood off his face.
Chainsaw Man Episode 2 “Arrival In Tokyo” still of Denji (Kikunosuke Toya). Studio MAPPA/Crunchyroll

Denji may be happy, but this new life the same risks. If he becomes a problem, this organization will kill him. Like Power, Denji is a member of this experimental unit for Public Safety. If their unit fails to achieve results, they face extermination. Despite Denji’s joy, there is little difference between his past or present. A nicer cage is still a cage. This cage is also permanent too; he has to do this job until he dies. If Denji realizes he is more than someone’s dog, things could get deadlier.

Chainsaw Man’s “Arrival In Tokyo” episode veers in a hilarious direction, sets up new characters and shows it will have laughs among the madness. The music is still outstanding. Some of scene’s music sounded like a warped record skipping, both distressing and hypnotic. The second episode introduces new characters as a natural progression of the story. Power, in particular, is chaotic, so the show is only going to get more wild from here. Chainsaw Man opens the world gradually by making viewers a traveler alongside Denji, learning as he learns.  

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