Cuckoo Trailer Teases a Mind-Twisting, Unusual and Devastating Film

Cuckoo image of Gretchen (Hunter Schafer) with blood dripping down her head.

NEON released the trailer for Cuckoo, a mysterious horror flick that centers around a 17-year-old girl, Gretchen, played by Hunter Schafer (EuphoriaThe Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes), who must move to a resort with her family. Unfortunately, strange occurrences make it clear something is afoot. Additional cast includes Jessica Henwick (Glass OnionLove and Monsters), Dan Stevens (Downtown Abbey), and Martin Csokas (ChevalierThe Equalizer), among others. 

Written and directed by Tilman Singer (Luz), the trailer feels like a foray into isolated terror where no one can trust what they see. It gives Identity vibes because of the feel and title. Yet also, it has an element that is very The Twilight Zone-esque, specifically the “People Are Alike All Over” episode. It’s as though the lead is an unwitting guinea pig for whatever’s happening. Or perhaps it’s her mind creating all the conflict. 

Cuckoo image of Gretchen (Hunter Schafter) sitting down with a bandage wrapped around her head.
Cuckoo. Courtesy of NEON.

While it’s unclear when the film takes place, it’s likely during the reign of cassettes. If taken at face value, it appears some unknown danger lurks outside after dark, precipitating terror and chaos. After all, someone tells Gretchen to stay inside and lock the doors, and he will pick her up. Plus, some creepy, nightmarish woman keeps popping up behind people. 

As of now, Cuckoo sits at 76% on RottenTomatoes. But critics and audiences do not always agree on what’s thrilling entertainment. So, it will be up to audiences to decide what they think about Cuckoo when it releases. 

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Cuckoo releases in theaters nationwide on August 9th!

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