13 Horror Short Films on Youtube To Immerse In

This is the second list I created of horror short films to enjoy if you’re either a fan of Halloween or just a fan of horror like me. My first list can be found on Nerdist. This is an additional list in case the first isn’t enough for you. From comedic horror that deals with haircuts, to outright terror of playing with spirits here is another list of horror short films to enjoy—and keep you clutching your blanket and pillow—on Youtube.


From the amazing director, David F. Sandberg, who also created the horror short film Lights Out, as well as the feature film based on his short film, “Coffer” is short and oh so sweet in a spine shivering sense. He has several horror short films available to enjoy on Youtube, including this one. A lady hears strange noises coming from her chest and decides to investigate. This is unnerving and definitely would not be me, but where would we be in horror without an individual’s ludicrous decision to investigate odd sounds. Watch and enjoy!

“Playing With The Devil”

This fright is about 3 children who decide to play a game of summoning the dead. Based on stories of the Japanese game Hitori Kakurenbo, the game is hide and seek with spirits. After preparing your doll for the spirit to inhabit you tell them to find you and if they do they can take you.

Wonderfully directed and extremely horrifying, this is as scary as the fact that you can find stories online of people who played and what happened. If you’re brave, research the game and play it yourself. But remember, follow all directions before and after or you may not live to regret playing. Or…just watch the horror short film on Youtube and live vicariously through that.


Traditionally, I don’t like my horror and comedy to mix. I’m not a fan of coming down from the scares to laughter because, ultimately, I’m not that frightened. However, some films do an amazing job especially when it’s more comedy than fright. This short film is one of them. A barber has an unexpected paranormal guest and has to fend them off.

This one is great! Definitely watch and add to your collection of horror short films you love. You won’t be disappointed.

“Other Side of the Box”

This one is creepy and terrifying, and makes you hate your so-called friends. A man is given a box with seemingly nothing inside by a friend for Christmas along with a card to open after.

Scary, unnerving and with a twist, after watching this horror short film you may want to throat punch a friend. At the very least, you may eye any gifts for Christmas suspiciously.


The latest horror short film to, thankfully, get the feature-length treatment the short film follows a man working as a parking lot attendant in one of the claustrophobic sized booths in the dead of night. Bored, he finds an iPad in the lost & found box and turns it on to see the story of “The Misunderstood Monster” Larry, who just wants a friend.

I love when a new story, especially children’s story that rhymes, is incorporated to introduce a new monster into our already burgeoning collection of monsters. The story is scary, the monster will leave you screaming and the short film makes you wonder, who is looking back at us through our screens. Watch this short film, then watch the feature film Come Play.

“The Smiling Man”

There are a few versions of the Smiling Man on Youtube, but this is, in my opinion the superior one. A man is walking on a sidewalk at night when he sees a smiling man dancing towards him.

This horror short film is scary because it’s possible. We all have weird encounters both at night and in the daytime, and have to decide how to handle or avoid the interaction before it gets to a point of danger. This one is the worst case scenario. No over the top special effects incorporated and, honestly, none are needed. It’s terrifying enough as it is.


A man is at home alone in the middle of a blackout when strange things start to happen.

This one is terrifying because of a few things. First, it’s nighttime. Second, it’s a blackout. Third, this is first person camera view, so it increases the terror because we only see what the man sees throughout the damn film. If you watch this at night, in the dark with headphones, it’s going to be a lot worse…or better depending on if you like to jump and scream.

“I Heard It Too”

A little girl hears her mom calling her from downstairs, asking her to come down.

Scary, chilling and unfortunate like so many of these short films. Based on a two sentence horror story that was shared online, this expands on that and introduces more frights. What do you do when you’re not sure of who’s who?

“3 Doors of Horror: 1, 2, 3 Horror Series”

Mako started a popular children game conjuring up a spirit and now seeks help from Hui Ting, the writer who wrote the ritual which was suppose to be an urban legend.

This film is a story within a story within a story as it is based on another urban legend game in real life. In the story online, you summon the spirit of a woman who supposedly died in the tub and, while taking a bath you summon her. She then has 24 hours to catch you. I love when urban legends, particularly more obscure ones, are given their time to shine on film. There’s always someone who believes games like these are a lie and are willing to take a shot. Watch what happens to these two.


A group of friends are hanging out in a bathroom when they find a phone and, since it’s still working, use it to take a group photo. But something else is now after their group.

Traditional Asian horror with the scares, the screams and the creepy voices. If you’re a fan of horror films like Juon, Wishing Stairs and their ilk, you will adore this bite sized horror gem. You may also learn a valuable lesson about picking up devices that aren’t yours, especially when the owner may be very attached to it.

“The Case of Mister Hollow”

Follow the case of Mr. Hollow to uncover what is happening.

This film is directed and meant to feel as though you are the detective, piecing together what happened. The music here is superb and builds the suspense as you look again and again at the images. Watch and see what you notice on first glance.

“Dead Ahead”

Intrepid travelers head out into the wilderness on their road trip only to find one nightmare scenario after the other.

This is 3D animation, scary and also a love letter to the horror genre as there are a plethora of easter eggs, from the obvious to the hard to find, spattered throughout. Lord, I would not want to be this group of people in real life. But again, the warning is clear. Don’t travel to the woods!!!

“3 Versos”

Margery is a seer and uses her skill to help people being haunted by angry spirits, when she gets a phone call at night begging for her assistance. But this one isn’t going to go the usual way.

Everything in this works well. From the clothes, to the atmosphere to the sound effects and the scares, this one may traumatize you by the end. It is horrifying. I can still hear it playing in my head and likely it won’t go away for a couple of decades. You will love Margery as she is a charismatic character full of spirit. I would love to see this short horror film get a feature length film starring her.

There’s our list. Between this one and the previous one I made you should have more than enough to entertain you for most of Halloween, especially since many of us are still stuck indoors amidst the pandemic. But it doesn’t mean we can’t have our scares. Enjoy!

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