I Got A Cheat Skill Volume 2 Has Familiar Harem Crushes Amidst The Action

I Got A Cheat Skill Volume 2 cover of Luna with her hand out, Lexia standing behind her and Yuuya behind them both.

When I tell you, I have been waiting for the second volume of this light novel. As a gamer, I love this series so far. After all, who doesn’t want a cheat skill that transfers over to the real world? I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too Volume 2 continues earning its wordy title for the most part. Not to mention, Yuuya is a likable, caring character. He’s the kind of person that you pray has good fortune. Despite the questionable premise the characters in I Got a Cheat Skill Volume 2 are likable. It’s a fantastical story that calls to daydreams of special abilities and gamers alike. 

It reminds me of the anime Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda. There is a similar outlandish tale of a girl who loses considerable weight to find all the popular guys in her school fixating on her. It would be nice to see more stories that show the opposite. You don’t have to be a gorgeous slim girl or an ikemen to find a relationship. Written by Miku with illustration by Rein Kuwashima, and translation by Carly Radford, this Yen Press light novel begins with Yuuya navigating his first marriage proposal from Princess Lexia in the other world. 

I Got a Cheat Skill Volume 2 Leaves You Wondering When Yuuya’s Secret Comes Out

Some people are not good at keeping secrets. Their kindness and morals prevent them. That’s the case with Yuuya is dangerous situations. In the other world, his secrets are easier to hide. On the other hand, his skill in the real world defies logic. Still a page-turner, especially when he brings his new pet Fenrir, named Night, to the real world. However, there are questions about why no one grills Yuuya. He hurls a bear, disappears in front of their eyes, his pet does not look like a dog. Yet everyone expresses surprise then moves on. Because of all that, I Got a Cheat Skill Volume 2 increases readers’ disbelief. 

Harem Hilarity With Offensive Comedy

I Got A Cheat Skill Volume 2 cover of Luna with her hand out, Lexia standing behind her and Yuuya behind them both.
I Got A Cheat Skill Volume 2 cover

Given the additional girls cropping up, it’s apparent this light novel is also a harem tale. Yuuya now has five girls gravitating around him. His kind nature and need to stand up for what’s right, even before he got the cheat skills, makes him honorable and all the girls’ infatuations understandable. While harem stories do not bother me, provided it’s entertaining, this volume has one section during the class camping trip that needs to retire—adults liking kids. 

I understand that the legal age of consent in Japan recently went up to 16, so many of these stories are acceptable in the eyes of the law. But seeing a teacher in high school inappropriately touch and hit on a teenage boy is disturbing. Normalizing that behavior and dynamic is not something I want to see. So, I hope future volumes of I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World leave the teacher by the wayside or pull back that aspect. 

I Got A Cheat Skill Volume 2 lacks the level of entertainment the first volume delivers. It’s like a film where people ignore telltale signs they should question, and you yell at the screen or, in this case, the book. On top of that, the teacher’s situation disappoints. There is enough here to find enjoyment, especially with the adorable Night present, but I hope the next volume does not falter even more. 

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