I Want to Be a Receptionist Volume 2 Builds Worlds

I Want to Be a Receptionist in This Magical World Volume 2 cover of Nunnally leaning toward Rockmann.

I Want to Be a Receptionist Volume 2 or it’s longer title, I Want to Be a Receptionist in This Magical World Volume 2 begins Nunnally’s journey in her dream job at Harré. The title feels misplaced. She already got the job, rather than working to get it. As the first volume rushed through her magical education, there continues to be a sense of whiplash in this volume. However, this volume begins building more about what goes into moving up the receptionist ranks. It explores possible romance with her school nemesis. I Want to Be a Receptionist Volume 2 builds the world through Nunnally’s experiences and makes time for elite drama. 

Created by Yone with an original story by Mako, character design by Maro, translation by Jan Cash, and lettering by Rachel J. Pierce, the volume begins with Nunnally’s first day at Harré. The Yen Press manga is similar to others in the magical genre. What stands out is Nunnally’s continued anger about being second place in school, and that rivalry with Rockmann carries on hilariously despite her achieving her goal. 

I Want to Be a Receptionist Volume 2 Feels Slice of Life Despite Dangers

Nunnally and her job are the focus of this volume. There’s more to being a receptionist at Harré, and Nunnally is still new. She also lacks confidence in her magic. Given Nunnally was always second place in school, although it was no fault of her own and some elitist bias played a part, it eats at her. But she hopes to one day be the kind of receptionist that inspired her. There’s a delightful scene about magic selecting Nunnally’s uniform and weapon. It’s not all acclimation with no risks. 

Nunnally works with an experienced coworker, Ms. Zozo when a woman comes in with her child to report her husband missing. When they set out to the forest to investigate, they discover a demon that might or might not have been human, like The Relic. However, rather than a battle ensuing, they teleport out. Though it’s disappointing because readers don’t see Nunnally’s magic in battle, it soon turns comical when she teleports to Rockmann instead of Harré.

Romance Brewing But Too Little Stands Out About The Characters

I Want to Be a Receptionist Volume 2 cover of Nunnally leaning toward Rockmann.
I Want to Be a Receptionist Volume 2 cover. Yen Press.

Most of the characters do not stand out. They seem cool enough, but there’s nothing to separate them from characters in other series. As far as Nunnally and Rockmann, save for the competitiveness, there is little about either. Besides Nunnally’s dislike for Rockmann and her dream job, there’s not enough about her. It’s creeping in, thanks to her discussion at the ball, which showcases her drive to solve the demon issue. But I Want to Be a Receptionist in This Magical World Volume 2 needs more. 

Rockmann, aside from being a jerk and liking Nunnally, has nothing else because the little information readers get is from others mentioning his rank. This classist, elitist society is unsavory. Nunnally’s dislike of it shifted to an almost “it is what it is” mindset, which also mars her character. But it’s early volumes.

I Want to Be a Receptionist 2 is cute and funny at times. But it lacks excitement. Not enough happens, nor is there enough of a connection to the characters for readers to go all in with the series. There are too many other ones out there doing it better. However, the potential could keep readers coming back. I Want to Be a Receptionist Volume 2 falls into the passable category but does not move beyond it. They need characters to make a stronger impression on readers and maintain interest. 

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