Maxxxine Trailer Shows Colorful Glitz and Grit of Hollywood

Maxxxine still of Maxine (Mia Goth) and a woman (Michelle Monaghan) walking down the street.

Maxxxine is the anticipated follow-up and final film in Ti West’s horror trilogy. With a trailer finally released, that excitement is at a fever pitch. Ti West has a cinematic knack for submerging a film within a particular period in time. Not to mention, his pictures have a penchant for visually arresting gore. 

Maxxxine Began Two Films Ago

First, X gave viewers a Chainsaw Massacre-esque feel while subverting the final girl trope by having an adult film actress, Maxine Minx—played by Mia Goth (SuspiriaInfinity Pool)—survive. Plus, it did all that while playing with themes of religion, gender roles, and that guns and God mentality that oppresses anyone different. 

Meanwhile, Pearl, the second film in the trilogy, is a prequel charting the downward spiral of one of the elderly villains from the first film. Mia Goth played Pearl in both movies and contributed as a writer on the second along with Ti West. Rather than the grittier horror of the first, the second is a warped musical Wizard of Oz

Now Maxxxinewritten and directed by Ti West, sees Maxine in Hollywood pursuing her dream of stardom. But a serial killer on the loose might bring her past to light. The trailer features neon colors with darkened backdrops. It epitomize the 80s when the final film takes place. In addition, the trailer moves between horror and the disconcerting bright lights of film sets. It’s unsurprising and fitting to hear Laura Branigan’s “Self Control.” Maxxxine looks to deliver a jaw-dropping end to an unforgettable trilogy. 

Additional cast for Maxxxine includes Elizabeth Debicki (Widows), Michelle Monaghan (Gone Baby Gone), Moses Sumney (The Idol), Bobby Cannavale (Spy), Halsey (Sing 2), Lilly Collins (Emily in Paris), Giancarlo Esposito(Better Call Saul), and Kevin Bacon (They/Them). 

What do you think of the trailer?

Maxxxine releases in theaters on July 5th!

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