Mieruko-chan Official Comic Anthology Is A Chilling Delight

Mieruko-chan Official Comic Anthology cover of Miko reading a book with a terrifying specter sitting beside her.

Mieruko-chan Official Comic Anthology is here. The series offers comedic frights in each manga volume. But now, Mieruko-chan finally gets a comic anthology. Artistic fans of the series show their love for their favorite characters with creepy, tense tales. These snapshot moments are Miko and the gang in mundane situations with paranormal frights add laughs because Miko cannot catch a break. Miko struggles to pretend like the beings around her are not present. Filled with eerie moments and hilarity, Mieruko-chan Official Comic Anthology is a spoopy season must for any fans of horror, comedy, or the series.

Created by Tomoki Izumi, translated by Leighann Harvey, and lettered by Alexis Eckerman, this collection features short tales from various artists. The Yen Press manga showcases different art styles, as each story has a different creator. They are standalone, mixing fear and laughter. There are thirteen stories. But not all focus on the star Miko. The illustrators are fans of the series. So, many chose to focus on their favorites, giving them a chance to shine. 

Mieruko-chan Official Comic Anthology Has Scary Moments

The premise of the entire series builds sympathy and terror. Imagine seeing terrifying spirits. But no matter what, having to pretend they are not there. Miko’s life remains tense; it’s surprising she hasn’t passed out from shock and anxiety. Short tales like “Meanwhile” by Yousuke Katayama show Miko’s daily struggle. She tries to live her mundane life with her supernatural ability. 

A trip like heading to a shop to try their new dessert is simple for Hana, Miko’s friend. But Miko has to ignore the battling entities nearby. It’s hilarious, but the drawings of the specters keep that element of horror laced throughout. 

Mieruko-chan Official Comic Anthology cover of Miko reading a book with a terrifying specter sitting beside her.
Mieruko-chan Official Comic Anthology cover. Yen Press.

Another terrifying tale that leans into horror is “Fright of the Fitting Room” by Michiru Noroi. It’s easy to forget the level of vulnerability that comes with changing in a small room, often dimly lit, with a curtain keeping the world out. As this story reminded me of a horror short film, “The Changing Room,” there is an additional fearful element. Although, what Miko sees is far more frightening in its grotesquerie. 

Favorites Get Their Time to Shine

Side characters like Yuria get to be in the limelight. In “Yuria’s Sunset Patrol” by Shuu Kageyama, Yuria continues her quest to become stronger like Miko. Even Rom shows up in this story with his usual flashy yet creepy-eyed flair. Yuria’s belief that she needs to reach Miko’s level shines clear in Dora Urasaka’s “Hat! Hat! Hat!” In that, she thinks about how Miko will praise her once she exorcises some spirits.

“Little Old Man Day” shows that Yuria’s hero-worship of Miko does not connect to reality. In fact, she gushes over Miko’s calm exterior in the face of terrifying ghosts. But Miko is barely hanging on. Mieruko-chan Official Comic Anthology has something for every fan of the series. 

Mieruko-chan Official Comic Anthology is a must-read for fans. It’s a fright-filled joy with laughs and terror in equal measure showcasing some manga favorites. Because it’s snapshots of mundane situations that present scary moments feel possible. Simple tasks like eating are fraught with danger. So, readers can shriek and laugh as characters try to navigate their perilous circumstances. Mieruko-chan Official Comic Anthology is a deserving addition that cements why this series is so popular. 

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