Deer Camp ’86 Slogs Along In A Muddled Mess [Screamfest]

Deer Camp ‘86, directed by L. VanDyke Sibouotszen and written by Bo Hansen and Riley Taurus, playing at Screamfest, follows a set of men on a great outdoors trip for hunting season. Their journey turns into a fight for survival against a supernatural assailant. With dreadful acting and abrupt tonal shifts, the movie is akin to Pumpkinhead without the entertainment. Deer Camp ‘86 is a tortuous viewing experience despite its short 85–minute runtime.

Nightsiren Is A Strong Look At Small Town Oppression [Fantastic Fest]

Nightsiren, playing at Fantastic Fest, is a folk horror gem surrounding a young woman’s return to a small village she fled as a child. Directed by Teresa Nvotová and written by Nvotová and Barbora Namerova, the film is another slow-burn style, filled with analysis of patriarchal oppression. Filled with atmospheric suspense and tense acting, Nightsiren keeps you on your toes as to what is real and what is superstition.