They Talk Review

They Talk, directed by Giorgio Bruno, is a supernatural horror film following a sound engineer, Alex (Jonathan Tufvesson), who records voices from the dead while shooting a documentary. As Alex struggles to figure out what the voices want or are warning him about, danger escalates. The film checks some horror boxes thanks to tension and decent scares. But sadly, the movie lacks a cohesive story. There is far too much confusion and mid-road acting. At the end of They Talk, I seesawed between “this part is scary” and “what happened.” 

X Review

Ty West’s X follows a group of filmmakers making a pornographic film in rural Texas unbeknownst to the elderly couple renting them the cabin. When the couple discovers the truth, the group priority shifts from moviemaking to survival. X taps into the nostalgia for classic older horror films and, through some subversion, surprises audiences like memorable classics. Ty West directs a horror that moves beyond simple slaughter. He expands into a broader discussion of religion, sexuality, and gender, thereby making X a slasher joyride with something more to say. 

The Legend of La Llorona Review

Parts of the film may be so bad it is good as there is a lot that inspires laughter because the effects are lackluster, the acting hit-and-miss with weak dialogue, landing this as a solid B horror film. 

There’s Someone Inside Your House Review

There’s Someone Inside Your House, directed by Patrick Brice and written by Henry Gayden, does a good job crafting the horror elements but falls flat elsewhere. There’s Someone Inside Your House has memorable moments; however, it is predictable with a lackluster story and plot that fails to make a lasting impression.