Mieruko-chan Volume 6 Makes You Laugh To Avoid Terror

Mieruko-chan Volume 6 cover art of Miko staring with a bell dangling in front of her.

It’s all fun and games, wanting to see spirits until you see them everywhere you go. Mieruko-chan Volume 6 has some scary drawings. Miko may sweat in fear but props to her for not running away, shrieking as she goes. Created by Tomoki Izumi with translation by Leighann Harvey and lettering by Alexis Eckerman, the volume contains four chapters plus an extra manga chapter. With nightmarish illustrations, Mieruko-chan Volume 6 continues balancing chills with chuckles with good pacing between current events and backstory. 

Mieruko-chan Volume 6 Starts With A Terrifying Shrine Trip

The thirty-fourth chapter in this Yen Press manga has Miko, Rom, and Mitsue heading to the Torii Gate shrine. Throughout the volume, the story moves between their trip and flashbacks to another time involving the same shrine. With the illustrations, I was a bit worried about Rom. He has a cheerful demeanor but also a wild card that could easily turn on them. The relationship between the elderly Mitsue and the youthful Rom is antagonistic. So I thought they were frenemies who crossed paths before this current dilemma.

Rom Is Miko At Subzero

Through the backstory interspersed through the recent trip and battle; you learn that Mitsue raised Rom since he was a kid after her teacher, Towako Oka dropped him off. Though her attitude is not warm and caring, she does care for Rom. Rom sees horrifying entities same as Miko. However, his response reminds me a lot more of Tales of Terror From Tokyo and All Over Japan, which I referenced reviewing the third volume in this series, than Miko herself. Rom’s response is arctic chill. He does not seem scared or the slightest bit nervous.

It Always Comes Full Circle

Mieruko-chan Volume 6 cover art of Miko staring with a bell dangling in front of her.
Mieruko-chan Volume 6 cover art.

Rom siphoned into an object and uses that to break the barrier so they can enter the shrine. Though grateful, you do not know Rom’s goal. But Rom was here before when the scary entity tried to give him a bell as a child. If not for Towako and Mitsue, Rom wouldn’t be present now. Though it is unclear what happened to her, they even lose Towako in the ensuing battle to rescue Rom. 

And now the same it is the same thing. They armor Miko with charms to protect her, and her job is simple and daunting. Once she enters the Torii gates, ignore the “God of the Mountain.” It sounds easy, but seeing it transform into more spine-chilling creatures, makes you lean back from the page. She has to stall, giving them enough time to prepare for the fight. I love Mieruko-chan because I can picture myself in the situation, and though I’ll yell for her to hold out, I know I will lose it quickly. 

Love This Scary and Comical Series

The laughs were in shorter supply this issue, but still present in a laughing away the discomfort and fear kind of way. Mieruko-chan Volume 6 continues the terrifying tale of a girl stuck trying to pretend she does not see the scary things around her. With some of the best illustrations, I would love to see a live-action adaptation of Mieruko-chan Volume 6 blends horror, humor, and heart in a wonderfully paced volume. 

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