Banished From The Hero’s Party Volume 7: Little Humor, Big Drama

Banished From The Hero's Party Volume 7 cover art of Rit sitting down holding an umbrella and Red standing behind her.

Banished From The Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside Volume 7 gives an entertaining version of the “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” idiom. As Red puts out fires to stop conflicts, another looms over a rejection years prior. Created by Zappon with illustrations by Yasumo and translation by Dale DeLucia, the light novel expands the details missing from an illustrated manga. Though the pace lags in parts, there is still enough entertainment and fascinating characters in Banished From The Hero’s Party Volume 7, which keeps you reading. 

Banished From The Hero’s Party Volume 7 Has Fate Lead Back To Each Other

The Yen Press light novel follows Red’s struggle to live a relaxing life with his partner Rit and sister, Ruti. It is always fascinating how interconnected people’s lives and chance encounters occur. People show up again when it’s time for resolution or growth. Mistorm, Lilinrala, and Prince Salvius have a past they must address and come to terms with. Banished From The Hero’s Party Volume 7 does fantastic work showcasing that not all people are evil and Blessings do not always determine good or bad. 

Brother Complex Is Creepy

Ruti loves her brother a lot. Red reciprocates, as his whole reason for training at such an early age to fight was to ensure he could be there for her. But it is disturbing that Ruti offers to bathe him, even worse when Red agrees. Granted, with the light novel, it is clear that there is no vile thoughts, but that does not erase the discomfort. The issue I have is why include it in the first place. I hope later volumes leave this particular trope by the wayside. 

Pacing Drags Here And There

There is a lot of slice-of-life in Banished From The Hero’s Party series. Interspersed with that are moments of action. However, some sections drag, feeling unnecessary, like the bathing scene. Though descriptions are not saturating every moment, some take a while to get to the point. It drags on when Red tells the story of his first encounter with Leonor; it drags on. Trimming it would have saved time and made for a tighter volume. The synopsis talks about a war in Zoltan, but nothing happens in that regard till more than halfway into the light novel. 

A Great Message About Friendship And Honor
Banished From The Hero's Party Volume 7 cover art of Rit sitting down holding an umbrella and Red standing behind her.
Banished From The Hero’s Party Volume 7 cover art.

When the battle is about to kick off, the camaraderie makes you smile. They show how even people from differing backgrounds can unite to protect their own. We rarely see this in life nowadays, but the story conveys that you have to live it to see it. Though outnumbered, they come together to protect Mistorm and repay a debt from decades past. 

More About The Blessings

When the battle does take place, it is short. Still, there are a lot of twists that add layers of surprise on top of each other. Leonor’s character is fascinating, given both her actions and motivations. And it is always great seeing Rit and Ruti battle anyway. I wish the fight lasted a little longer, though. Most of the book is buildup to the war, which takes up about thirty pages in a two-hundred-page book. 

Banished From The Hero’s Party Volume 7 overall is a great read. There is a lot of characters you get to learn more about, fascinating surprises, and decent action. The focus on doing what you want is a theme that recurs throughout the series. After all, you only have one life, and you should live it as you choose. And that’s a message I can get behind. 

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