The Witch 2: The Other One [Fantasia Festival ’22 Review]

The Witch 2: The Other One (also known as The Witch: Part 2. The Other One) playing at Fantasia Festival, expands on the story in the first film and adds more of the fight sequences that shocked viewers. Written and directed by Park Hoon-jung the film adds a new overpowered girl to the mix. But the girl (Shin Sia) does not need her hands to deliver a beatdown that her opponent’s ancestors feel. Adding onto the story that riveted audiences with more comedy, booming action, and world expansion, The Witch 2: The Other One surpasses the first film in many ways. 

Paper Girls Review

A lot happens in the first season, full of surprising twists and the audience is as confused as the girls. That’s what makes Paper Girls so entertaining. A regular kid winds up involved in a larger mystery may seem formulaic. Still, thanks to the talented acting of the cast, Paper Girls delivers an engrossing show that leaves you salivating for the next season. 

Nope Review

Jordan Peele’s latest outing Nope critiques social media, Hollywood, and the need to frame the impossible on immortal celluloid. Nope is a science fiction story of descendants of the first Black wrangler captured on film attempting to be the first Black family to capture indisputable evidence of aliens on film. Filled with images that bring to mind UFOs, Rorschach, money, and lens, one viewing is not enough to capture all that resides in the movie. Peele is a master at crafting appealing characters, nuance, and multiple meanings in an entertaining package. Nope is no exception. 

In Search Of Tomorrow Review

Science fiction films broaden ideas and possibilities for the present and future. Though each decade has memorable films and concepts in the sci-fi genre, the 80s were pivotal due to the vast ideas explored on the silver screen. Like how Romero’s Night of the Living Dead made a blueprint for zombies that all other films and shows followed, the 80s science fiction films crafted dystopian, futuristic worlds and ideas that most present-day science fiction movies pull from. In Search of Tomorrow discusses each year of the 80s and picks apart the film’s quality, vision, technology, practical and special effects, and moments that impact audiences. 

Strawberry Fields Once Again Volume 3 Review

Pure and Akira’s story comes to an end in the final yuri manga volume. Strawberry Fields Once Again Volume 3 wraps up Pure and Akira’s relationship in saccharine sweet beauty despite the confusing parts of the story. However, the story deserved another volume or two for clarity and more time for backstory and side characters. Plus, I’m not sure about the implication of love and disability.

World Piece Vol. 1 Fuses Sports and Space [Manga]

Manga’s popularity has increased over the pandemic, and that passion for many is not diminishing. Viz Media, a leader in publishing overseas manga, creating local manga with artists with a passion for the beloved artistry. World Piece, a story by Eisner-nominated writer Josh Tierney, art by Agroshka, and lettering by Erika Terriquez are undoubtedly capable of delivering diversion. The merging of basketball with archaeology and space travel seems implausible, but this manga thrives as we immediately suspend disbelief.