Jungle Juice Volume 1 Merges Bugs And People With Education

Jungle Juice Volume 1 cover of half of Suchan's face with a dragonfly in front of it.

Jungle Juice Volume 1 introduces a fascinating crew of characters making one long for their own set of dragonfly wings. It ties into fantastical human-bug hybrids, the question of who caused it, and the journey to self-acceptance. While there are stories about superheroes attending school and bugs attending school, this series blends the two. So, it introduces unique dynamics for school as well that differ from the normal. Phobic or not, Jungle Juice Volume 1 makes readers want to research the information the series drops about insects and choose their own insect abilities.

The first volume starts strong with a story by Hyeong Eun, art by Juder, translation by Ah Cho, and lettering by Kyla Aiko and Chiho Christie. It hurls readers into mayhem after introducing the main character, Suchan Jang. Additionally, the Yen Press comic‘s full-color illustrations capture an added beauty and terror with the different human-insect hybrids. With 12 chapters, called “episodes,” it builds the world as Suchan moves from hiding his human-insect status to a life among peers. 

Jungle Juice Volume 1 Builds An Emotional Connection at the Start

It’s easy to connect and feel sympathy toward Suchan. The story shows his struggle to live a normal life while concealing his dragonfly wings. In addition, the series lets readers know early in the volume that Suchan is a caring person who cannot abide abuse. While crafting Suchan’s character, they also build the danger from murderous human-insects hellbent on murder. Plus, they set up an enemy for Suchan, all within the first chapter. Jungle Juice Volume 1 investment in building characters and the world is seamless. 

College Never Looked This Frantic and Deadly

In Jungle Juice Volume 1, registration is far more cutthroat. True, registering in regular colleges is a race against time. But at Nest, it’s a race and a battle. Plus, if you fail to register for the one class, you are out for the semester. So, this gives readers the opportunity to get to know a few more characters within the school, including the professors. Right now, it has the familiarity of a shonen manga, similar to Naruto or Jujutsu Kaisen. There’s the lead Suchan, who has dragonfly insect abilities; Hyeosoung Cha, who has grasshopper abilities; and Huijin, whose insect is unknown.

In Jungle Juice Volume 1 The Question Is To Accept What Was or What Is

Jungle Juice Volume 1 cover of half of Suchan's face with a dragonfly in front of it.
Jungle Juice Volume 1 cover. Yen Press.

Wrapped in the mayhem is an end game. Suchan’s goal in entering Nest is getting the cure called “Cinderella.” Cinderella turns them back into humans. As only the top student receives it, Suchan plans to be the best at Nest. However, he hates insects and feels disgusted by that side of himself. Still, he plans to move up the ranks. But, as he soon learns, it will be more challenging than he thinks. It’s not about classwork and studying textbooks. Suchan may not want to, but to succeed in this school and the combat class he’s in, Suchan must embrace the part of himself he shuns. 

It’s an example of insecurities that young people experience as their bodies change. Oftentimes, they seek the quick fix to revert when usually the best thing is to embrace the “you” that exists now. It’s a delightful surprise that a comic about bugs delivers lessons and entertainment. 

A Unique Aspect Makes It Stand Out

What sets Jungle Juice apart is the insect aspect and mystery. After all, Suchan, who hates insects, got his ability from spraying a dragonfly with Jungle Juice, an insect repellent. The same happened to others who used the spray. So, there’s an overarching question of the spray’s origins. Tie that in with recognizable activities with a twist and relatable characters. 

Jungle Juice Volume 1 is an explosive start to a promising new comic series. After all, fresh ideas or twists on old tales are always welcome. There’s action, potential romance, a terrifying enemy, and more lurking in the shadows. Even people terrified of insects will find plenty to enjoy. It’s easy to dive into this series. Jungle Juice Volume 1 delivers an engrossing action tale about a world where human-bug hybrids live in a secret community. 

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