Villains Are Destined to Die Volume 4 Opens the World With Magic and Fights

Villains Are Destined to Die Volume 4 cover of Penelope in hunting attire with Callisto behind her.

Villains Are Destined to Die Volume 4 keeps the momentum of the rest of the series. It even ratchets up the action. It’s such a fun series. Though some might view Penelope as cutthroat, she is fascinating and relatable. It’s as though this situation is her opportunity to speak up for the character. But it’s also a chance for the nameless her who suffered with a wealthy, elitist family. Penelope is easily one of the best protagonists of any series this year. Thanks to the intricacies of the story, Penelope’s character, and ikemen galore, Villains Are Destined to Die Volume 4 delivers an exciting addition to the series. 

With an original story by Gwon Gyeoeul and artwork by Suol, this volume picks up amid an attack during the party the night before the hunt. The Yen Press comic covers parts 10 to 12. It immediately begins with Penelope forced to participate in a Queen of the Tournament quest. So, she must combat giant, deadly, multiplying plushies. Fortunately, Penelope has a crossbow, courtesy of her father. Complete with enchanted beads, she defeats the plushies, who pop like balloons. Thank heavens, this game has auto-attacks when accepting a battle. 

Villains Are Destined to Die Volume 4 Enters the Broader World of the Game

Though there were occasional detours outside the family home, this is the first volume that takes place elsewhere. As such, readers get a deeper look into the politics and upheaval looming. Those who use magic, like Winter, have to hide their identities. But this volume primarily covers Callisto. Penelope cannot escape him. Besides the party, they run into each other when she wanders from the small game section of the hunt to the big game. But others seek to murder Callisto and use Penelope’s reputation to achieve it. This volume’s exciting pacing keeps readers on the edge of their seats. 

Penelope’s Cluelessness About Love Leads to Laughs

Villains Are Destined to Die Volume 4 cover of Penelope in hunting attire with Callisto behind her.
Villains Are Destined to Die Volume 4 cover. Yen Press.

Given her bullying at school and mistreatment at home with the wealthy family who took her in, it’s unsurprising that she doesn’t understand relationships. Penelope has a hard time even processing her own emotions. That’s why it’s so funny watching her interact with different men. Their motivations are an enigma to her. Even with the affection meter she does not fully understand. Her encounter with Reynold after the fight is a clear example. Of course, Reynold remains an adolescent despite his age. Pleasant one minute, insulting the next, Reynold hides any positive feelings. 

So, there’s plenty to laugh about when Penelope and Callisto wind up stuck together. Not that his character is better. After all, he dodged assassination attempts since he was a kid. As such, Callisto’s has a twisted personality. He does not even remember threatening to kill her. But Penelope’s thoughts, goals, and reactions to her surroundings make her a fantastic character, keeping Villains Are Destined to Die gripping. 

Villains Are Destined to Die Volume 4 has action-packed fights, arguments, assassination attempts, and chaos. Despite people framing Penelope and locking her up, the most exciting part is the cliffhanger that hints she’s about to give Derrick a piece of her mind. She doesn’t only speak up for herself but for the other Penelope, who is no longer there. Villains Are Destined to Die Volume 4 is outstanding, using action and comedy to move the world and Penelope’s story forward. 

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