Villains Are Destined To Die Volume 5 Adds Surprising Twists to the Game

Villains Are Destined To Die Volume 5 cover of Penelope standing with bars behind her, and Derrick standing behind them.

Villains Are Destined To Die Volume 5 takes readers on a journey from Penelope’s trial to a dreaded impending birthday and deadline. Stuck in a game after escaping her rich, cold family is bad enough. But this game still has tricks to disrupt Penelope’s goals and emotions. Playing games is life-draining in Villains Are Destined To Die Volume 5 as Penelope fights for the same thing she wants in real life—to be the master of her fate, dependent on no one. 

With an original story by Gwon Gyeoeul, art by Suol, translation by Ah Cho, and lettering by Chiho Christie, the story begins at the exciting end of the previous volume, with Penelope about to rip into Derrick. The Yen Press comic covers parts 13 – 15 and has Penelope embracing her “to hell with all of you” attitude. Deservedly, especially in Derrick’s case, since his constant attitude toward her while disregarding how they all treated her as a child is angering. 

Villains Are Destined To Die Volume 5 Unleashes Penelope’s Anger

In part because she’s all in with Eckles, Penelope refuses to walk on eggshells with her stepbrothers. It’s a familiar story, even without the wealth and power. Too often, women must take care not to upset fragile men. But being trapped in a game as the villainess, with every man’s affection so low that a slight means certain death, is even more perilous. 

However, now that everyone’s percentage is high enough to avoid it, Penelope is done with pandering. Penelope is one of the best characters. Her ability to analyze a situation, hit back at those who cross her, and focus on her goal is admirable. She is the driving force that cements this as a brilliant series. 

First Real Glimpse at Penelope Softening

Villains Are Destined To Die Volume 5 cover of Penelope standing with bars behind her, and Derrick standing behind them.
Villains Are Destined To Die Volume 5 cover. Yen Press.

While Penelope gives a lot of hard truths to Derrick and makes it clear she’s fed up with her family after the exciting trial, in Villains Are Destined To Die Volume 5, she shows concern and guilt beneath the tough exterior. She and Reynold have a heartfelt moment, and then later, she and her father. It’s sad but hopeful, as she realizes that maybe their claims to care and believe her are not just empty words. It opens another level to her character. But this game is about to hurl more curveballs her way.

Color-Coded Emotions and an Impending Return

What helped Penelope navigate her treacherous journey and avoid imminent death is the affection percentage displayed above each love interest’s head. Unfortunately, now that the percentage of most of the men is around the halfway mark, the game removed the percentage. Now, it’s color-coded. But Penelope does not know what the colors mean, so it seems nonsensical. In addition, if she wants to see the numbers, she has to pay. 

That currency gets deducted from her real money, and the costs double each time she uses it. Villains Are Destined To Die never has a dull moment. The twists in Villains Are Destined To Die Volume 5 are shocking and nerve-wracking. If that wasn’t stressful enough, she’s trying to complete the game before the return of the real daughter. That deadline is closer than she initially thought. 

Villains Are Destined To Die Volume 5 ups the stakes with a trial, game changes, and a birthday around the corner. So far, in the entire series, every volume shines while complementing the whole. Penelope is not a hero. Nor is she a villain, but a woman trapped in unique circumstances. Villains Are Destined To Die Volume 5 eases up on the laughs while upping the dramatic moments but always stays a page-turner. 

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