Dark Moon: The Blood Altar 1 Is Exciting and Funny

Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Volume 1 cover of Heli holding an open book in one hand.

Dark Moon: The Blood Altar 1 resembles Vampire Knight Guilty. It has vampires, it has a school, and it’s a reverse harem series. Countless other series have done the same tale. Yet, it does not matter. It starts slow and is a smidge confusing. However, once it finds its rhythm, the story is entertaining, with a sympathetic, overpowered heroine and cute guys who seem compelled to do what she wants. Thanks to the characters and story, Dark Moon: The Blood Altar 1 is exciting and sweet, properly pacing the comedy and action. 

Created by Hybe with Enhyphen, translated by Webtoon, and lettered by Chana Conley, it’s another of their series that showcases Hybe’s kpop groups. The Yen Press comic covers ten chapters in full-color illustrations, constructing a world of powers, vampires, schools, and sports. Sooha hates vampires more than anyone else in the world. Little does she know that her new school has some in attendance. 

Dark Moon: The Blood Altar 1 Shows Hate Based On Bullying

Sooha’s hate for vampires stems from two things. As a child, neighbors, and townsfolk always accused her of being a vampire. All of this because she is strong. Her physical strength is on par with the Love Hashira from Demon Slayer. Then, her family pulled a Frozen, telling her to conceal her strength. Then she makes her first friend, Chris. They are close, and he trusts her, but he dies. It seems a vampire killed him, but the way Dark Moon: Blood Altar 1 introduces it means there’s more to this story. 

Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Volume 1 cover of Heli holding an open book in one hand.
Dark Moon: The Blood Altar 1 cover. Yen Press.

When she arrives at Decelis Academy, her personality is fully displayed once she’s alone. Her joy is understandable. Since this school rigorously vets prospective students to ensure no vampires receive admittance. No one will mistake her for a vampire now as long as she doesn’t show her ability. But as she’s cleaning out her room—a storage room since the school’s out of space—a gorgeous young man enters to see her holding a table over her head. While secrets kept over time are intriguing, Dark Moon: The Blood Altar 1 goes the comical route, from stressing her secret must remain hidden only to get discovered before she even attends her first class. 

A Lot of Mystery and Funny Rivalries

The reverse harem aspect ties directly to the mystery. While Sooha might not be a vampire, she seems more than human. She’s abnormally strong, but that’s not all. She meets Heli while holding the table aloft. When Heli chats about it with the others, the majority agrees to avoid her. None of them are human, and they don’t want human friends. 

After lecturing Heli, everyone, except Solon, does a reversal once they see Sooha. It’s so fast it’s laughable. But even more confounding is that they are incapable of telling her no. Given how cute the guys are and how sweet, funny, and strong Sooha is, Dark Moon: The Blood Altar 1 grabs readers by the throat, figuratively speaking. 

Dark Moon: The Blood Altar 1 is life if Ouran High School Host Club met magic and vampires, and that’s a perfect combination. While there is not much information about the men circling Sooha, they introduced enough about her character and snippets of Solon to hold fascination. The series starts as strong as Sooha, body-slamming folks like their laundry. With the additional tension of how Sooha will react when she discovers their vampires, questions regarding everyone’s past, and plenty of laughs throughout, Dark Moon: The Blood Altar 1 is excellent for Enhyphen fans or those who enjoy reverse harem comedies. 

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