7Fates: Chahko Volume 1 Underwhelms As Strange Time Shifts Confuse

7Fates: Chahko Volume 1 cover of Zeha in an attack stance.

7Fates: Chahko Volume 1 is one of the most confusing stories I’ve encountered. Transitions between locations and times are difficult to follow. The first volume also takes on too much too fast, moving between characters to the point where they all bleed together. It’s like the story focuses more on introducing folks instead of building characters. That fog of confusion doesn’t lift until the last couple of chapters. 7Fates: Chahko Volume 1 takes on too much within the first volume regarding plot and characters, creating a jumbled mess, but the final chapters add promise. 

Created by Hybe with BTS, translated by Webtoon, and lettered by Abigail Blackman, the book covers the prologue, six chapters and includes an appendix. The Yen Press comic should be a K-drama rather than a comic. From Hybe’s recent comics tied to their kpop groups, this one is sadly the more confusing of the lot. It’s about Zeha, who finds out he’s the lone survivor of a mass murder. Now, monsters known as Beom wreak havoc, and he fights back with some help. 

7Fates: Chahko Volume 1 Has Too Many Time Jumps

It shifts between past and present but rarely includes when parts of the story take place. As such, readers will struggle to engage with the story. In addition, the confusion leads to boredom. Zeha’s tale is the center of what transpires, but the time shifts make it choppy. Since the story does not flow, focusing on the details is impossible. So, while Zeha’s story is sad, the muddled storytelling struggles to connect with readers emotionally. But the last couple of chapters turn it around. 

Do-Geon’s Backstory Is Far More Interesting

Again, time keeps shifting without clarification. But Do-Geon’s is more compelling as he’s on a vengeance tear. It brings to mind the 2002 movie So Close. They’re a crime family. But as Do-Geon’s birthday nears, he suggests they cancel a job planned for the day. Although they agree, they decide to do it without him because he shoulders so much responsibility caring for them. And it all goes to hell when the Beom arrive. Do-Geon’s story resonates more, given how so many struggle to care for loved ones, doing the best they can. Yet sometimes it’s either not enough or the wrong choice.

Jumping Between Too Many Characters

7Fates: Chahko Volume 1 cover of Zeha in an attack stance.
7Fates: Chahko Volume 1 cover. Yen Press.

The bounty-hunting aspect is interesting, but little comes of it in this volume. Aside from Zeha clashing with some bounty hunters trying to kill Beom, little else occurs with them. It’s apparent that Do-Geon will become part of a team with Zeha. Rather than throwing a bunch of characters into the story, the 7Fates: Chahko Volume 1 needs to focus on a few characters at most and ensure readers connect to them

Another frustrating aspect is how the series replays the last piece of dialogue from one chapter to the next. Like in K-dramas, when one episode ends with a scene and dialogue, and the next episode repeats that scene and dialogue. Animes tend to do the same, and it’s annoying. 

7Fates: Chahko Volume 1 is more like a rough draft than a finished product. The timeline is haphazardly thrown together with little explanation, pulling attention from the story and characters. While it holds focus when Do-Geon bursts into the story, there are still far more negatives to this story than positives. BTS fans are hardcore, so they’ll love it regardless. Overall, 7Fates: Chahko Volume 1 is a chore until the last three chapters. 

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