The Boxer 5 Teases an Exciting, Looming Match

The Boxer 5 cover of Yuto Takeda's face.

The Boxer 5 does not drag despite its scant amount of action.

The Boxer 5 is outstanding. It’s nigh impossible to find a flaw with this series. It never loses pacing as it transitions from character to character. Each story winds up as gripping as the next, making readers anticipate what’s to come. It is one of the best series and an example of keeping a story compelling while leaving the main protagonist unknown. The Boxer 5 builds up a future confrontation while introducing a new opponent for Yu. 

Created by JH, translated by Webtoon, and lettered by Adnazeer Macalangcom, The Boxer 5 covers Episodes 38 – 47. It starts with the continued sporadic return of the first volume’s bully, Baeksan Ryu. A judge sentences him to six years in prison. The Yen Press comic then returns to Ryu’s school victim, Injae, who wins his first boxing match. Plus, Injae’s story parallels the main boxer in this volume, Yuto Takeda. 

The Boxer 5 Is an Underdog Story

Yu saved Injae from Ryu when they were classmates. But there’s something about the underdog that inspires support. In terms of boxing, Yu possesses a natural talent or affinity for the sport. On the other hand, Injae resembles Yuto Takeda, the next boxer on Yu’s manager K’s list to conquer every weight division. While people love a “prodigy,” the person who succeeds through sheer hard work deserves praise, especially when they are as caring as Yuto. He cares about people; even when he fights someone, he still attempts to befriend them. 

Through an interview with Yuto’s coach, readers learn about Yuto’s character, not just his skill. Sometimes, people plateau early. Yet even with that, something can happen that propels them past their limitations. Despite the heroism, Yuto is not a dull character thanks to his experiences. There’s even a sliver of worry for Yuto because he is the underdog with a heart of gold. So, no one wants to see them lose. But what’s more, no one wants to see their spirit crushed. Yuto’s whole thing is proving to his friend that things can change through hard work. 

Circling Back to the Original Trio

The Boxer 5 cover of Yuto Takeda's face.
The Boxer 5 cover. Courtesy of Yen Press.

Despite Ryu’s sporadic and limited appearances in the series, he, Injae, and Yu will likely face each other again. A boxing match between Injae and his rescuer, Yu, feels like a looming countdown. The question is where Ryu fits into their reunion. The Boxer 5 does not drag despite its scant amount of action. At this point, Yu remains an enigma, the final piece of this puzzle. While he is a natural at boxing, what made him so emotionless? Plus, since Yu has little backstory, it’s easier to cheer for Injae’s return and victory on top of his underdog status.

The Boxer 5 introduces a new boxer before his bout with Yu while drawing comparisons to Injae, creating anticipation for what’s to come. Meeting new boxers never dulls, but what stands out is how this story will come full circle back to the three teens. The full-color illustrations create impactful moments, capturing emotions from rage to joy and indifference. With all that came before, The Boxer 5 has a match readers will invest in and a future epic match. 

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