The Do-Over Damsel 2 Keeps It Interesting With Laughs and Action

The Do-Over Damsel Volume 2 cover of Jill holding her hands out to fight with Hadis and Rave standing behind her.

The Do-Over Damsel Conquers the Dragon Emperor 2 mixes lighthearted moments with some sad ones as Jill fights to uncover the mastermind behind an attempted coup. There’s action, flashbacks, and yummy food as Jill fights to change the future for herself and others around her. That includes Hadis. The series still has the underage girl with an adult man even if it takes time to point out the glaring problem. Hopefully, The Do-Over Damsel 2 will spare readers a creepy predatory story and focus on building the comedy and other potential love interests. 

With an original story by Sarasa Nagase, art by Anko Yuzu, and character design by Mitsuya Fuji, the story begins with Sphere’s father, Marquess Beil, telling the emperor that Jill’s a spy who’s helped invaders take over the port. Of course, Hadis knows he’s lying but trusts that Jill can resolve the situation alone. Translated by John Neal and lettered by Adnazeer Macalangcom, the Yen Press manga covers six chapters and a bonus story. 

The Do-Over Damsel 2 Shows Jill’s Resourcefulness

Though she’s in a child’s body, Jill is a teenager. As they appear to have children do adult tasks early, she’s also a warrior who experienced many battles. That includes against Hadis himself. The Do-Over Damsel 2 demonstrates why she is a leader. She inspires those around her and can surmise the best course of action. Not to mention, with her abilities, she’s incredibly strong. Even Sphere appears to change her tune and might even have a crush on Jill. Hadis shows up to assist at the last minute. But without Jill, none of them would have held out long enough. 

Changing the Present to Change the Future

The Do-Over Damsel Volume 2 cover of Jill holding her hands out to fight with Hadis and Rave standing behind her.
The Do-Over Damsel 2 cover. Yen Press.

Perhaps the butterfly effect doesn’t exist in this world. Still, as Jill knew the fate of Sphere and how it impacted her life, it made sense that she’d choose to prevent that tragic end. Although she is a kid now, those experiences didn’t vanish despite the lighthearted instances. The Do-Over Damsel 2 makes it evident when Jill sees Zeke and Camila. She remembers that in the future, they die. The volume doesn’t disclose all that Jill went through with that incestuous prince, Gerald, but it’s apparent she went through a lot. It makes sense she resolves to change it all and not lose anyone. Thanks to Jill’s strength and cuteness, readers will have an easy time cheering her on. 

The Underage Part Is Still An Issue

Thankfully, nothing happens between Hadis and Jill. Camila and Zeke debating her and Hadis’ marriage sounds like folks trying to rationalize why it’s okay. They point out that Hadis is a boy when it comes to relationships. That may be, as The Do-Over Damsel 2 makes sure to highlight his innocence and confusion when it comes to love. He even believes, for a moment, that Jill used magic on him to mess with his health because his heart speeds up around her.

But it’s still gross and unacceptable. So this is a relationship they should keep as friends. Keep them as friends, and let him keep cooking her delicious, mouth-watering meals because she deserves it after all she’s been through. Plus, that ridiculous Prince Gerald isn’t taking no for an answer.

The Do-Over Damsel 2 continues to favor fun and laughs, interspersing more serious situations between them. Six years is a long time, and Jill has her work cut out for her, shouldering this burden to change the future alone. Jill’s sympathy and nearness might prevent Hadis from becoming a brutal murderer in the future. The characters’ animation makes the series so funny that the balance between laughs, flashbacks, and mystery keeps it fresh. The Do-Over Damsel 2 adds amusing characters alongside yummy food to woo Jill and the readers’ hearts. 

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