The Geek Ex-Hitman Volume 2 Makes Obsession Riotous

The Geek Ex-Hitman Volume 2 cover art of Viviana with her arms above her head holding a briefcase and gun with various BL manga strewn around her.

The Geek Ex-Hitman Volume 2 by Ko-dai asserts that otakus come from all backgrounds. Serialized in English from Yen Press, with translation by Giuseppe di Martino and lettering by Erin Hickman, the manga tale continues for otaku Marco and the people charged with pursuing him. Otakus and debunking assumptions, keeps the surprises and laughs coming. But laughter is not all as The Geek Ex-Hitman Volume 2 rummages into Marco’s childhood. 

Filled with nine chapters and two bonus chapters, The Geek Ex-Hitman Volume 2 begins where the previous volume left off. The trio of assassins attend the Comic Summit to sell their manga. Though Viviana and Marco are both happy to be there, Andre is not. Andre drew the illustrations because Viviana is his higher-up. Still, he could say no or report her. So perhaps he enjoys himself more than he lets on. Plus, with the arrival of a new addition in Tokyo, Marco’s previous partner Gregorio, everyone is about to have their hands full. 

The Geek Ex-Hitman Volume 2, Newcomer Gregorio, May Not Be An Otaku But…

Gregorio is not into anime, manga, or anything else. He is just here for Marco. The way they meet again is ridiculous, and how they recall their joined past. Gregorio tends to make mistakes on the job. But he admires Marco’s calmness in the face of his errors. On the other hand, Marco recalls being angry at Gregorio’s mishaps. Though he does not display it. Now with Gregorio present and staying with Marco, the comedy ramps up.

Andre feels like the oddball out despite neither Gregorio nor Andre being an otaku. When Gregorio approaches him, Andre assumes a battle. Instead, Gregorio grabs him and pleads for Andre to teach him how to draw. Because Marco is Gregorio’s obsession. Though Gregorio exhausts Marco, Marco admires Gregorio’s luck—Gregorio has a Pulp Fiction moment where his jacket is full of holes, but no injuries—and his kindness. You almost pity Andre, swept away in everyone else’s mania. But you laugh nonetheless.

Obsession and Assumption

The Geek Ex-Hitman Volume 2 cover art of Viviana with her arms above her head holding a briefcase and gun with various BL manga strewn around her.
The Geek Ex-Hitman Volume 2 cover

One of my favorite parts of The Geek Ex-Hitman series is the various obsessions people have and the assumptions everyone makes. The characters’ passions, be it anime, people, or BL bring shocked laughter. Like Viviana, who is a fujoshi. She wants to see Marco with another man. So, when a Yakuza woman, Mei, calls Marco her “darling” after he demonstrates he is stronger than her, Viviana does not take it lying down. I mean, look at the cover of this volume.

Though obsession is usually negative, The Geek Ex-Hitman Volume 2 combines it with assumptions leading to side-splitting scenes. Not just character assumptions but reader assumptions too. When Marco meets the Yakuza boss talking about ink, you assume, like Marco, that he is talking about a new tattoo. However, he means painting anime figures. Plus, when presented with their favorite anime, idol, or song, there is little funnier than a rugged man with a terrifying exterior and heart-eyes emoji interior. Surprises like this series make a fascinating read.

Even Funnier Than The First Volume

Like big cats with the softest mew, people make life interesting, fun, and hilarious. Never used the word flabbergasted before, but it applies to this series. The Geek Ex-Hitman Volume 2 does explore Marco’s less funny past, but keeps it light overall. The bonus chapter, “Happy Halloween,” with an otaku vampire risen to see his favorite idol is unbelievable. Now I’m wondering what Dracula would think of the otaku world. The Geek Ex-Hitman Volume 2 maintains the fun and allows readers to learn more about Marco besides his otaku lifestyle. I hope this series gets animated at some point because I would love to see these characters come to life. It is sure to inspire more than a chuckle. 

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