RRR Belongs On A ‘Best Of’ List

RRR image of Bheem (Rama Rao Jr.) and Raju (Ram Charan Teja) riding a dirtbike.

The conflict, comedy, shades of romance, music, song, and surprises in RRR keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Genre films are great for when you’re in the mood for a specific type of movie. It is rare when a film delves into multiple genres, even rarer when they do it well. When I tell you an action, dramedy, musical was not on my 2022 bingo card, but RRR delivers over-the-top, high-tension, fun-filled entertainment. Directed by S.S. Rajamouli, with screenplay by Rajamouli, story by Vijayendra Prasad, and dialogue by Madhav Burra, RRR entertains throughout its almost two-and-a-half hour runtime, with every moment vital to the story, and our enjoyment.  

RRR Builds The Characters, Then Story

RRR image of Raju (Ram Charan Teja) staring.
RRR image of Raju (Ram Charan Teja). Courtesy of Netflix.

A tale about two men who wind up leading a revolution in the 1920s in India during colonial rule, RRR develops your attachment to the characters before delving into the story. Komaram Bheem (N.T. Rama Rao Jr.) arrives in Delhi to search for a young girl, Malli (Twinkle Sharma), taken by a white colonial, Catherine Buxton (Alison Doody), and her equally violent military husband, Scott Buxton (Ray Stevenson). The wife is a prime example of white women gleefully abetting their toxic white men. Bheem is the water portion of RRR, which is unsurprising given his strong yet caring personality.  

Fire is Alluri Sitarama Raju (Ram Charan Teja), a soldier serving in the military alongside the British, determined to move up the ranks despite the clear discrimination he faces. Now, he has the perfect opportunity to reach the position of special officer. He must find Bheem and bring him in alive. But Raju does not know Bheem’s name, what he looks like, or any other info except that Bheem is in Delhi to find Malli. So ensues a game of espionage, singing, dancing, and a beautiful bromance. 

Musical In An Action Film? Yes! 

RRR image of Bheem (Rama Rao Jr.) roaring at a lion in his face.
RRR image of Bheem (Rama Rao Jr.). Courtesy of Netflix.

I love dramatic songs about a character’s inner turmoil or conflict between two characters, and RRR has that throughout the movie. Reminiscent of Disney songs that talk about what characters feel beneath the surface. It kicks into high gear once the two meet. Then the title card pops up, and you realize it is almost forty minutes into the movie! RRR cements itself as memorable for that alone. 

Bheem and Raju’s friendship is so damn adorable. I had a big smile when they paired up to sing and dance. The choreography, plus the lyrics, “come on, white guy,” is wonderful! And the suspenders routine and footwork?! I admire the skill and speed. There is something for everyone to enjoy in RRR, and the blend of genres is effortless. 

Two Leads Make This A Must-Watch 

RRR image of Bheem (Rama Rao Jr.) and Raju (Ram Charan Teja) riding a dirtbike together.
RRR image of Bheem (Rama Rao Jr.) and Raju (Ram Charan Teja). Courtesy of Netflix.

Bheem’s motivation is clear, but RRR still has a mystery with Raju. On the one hand, Raju betrays his own to become a special officer; on the other, his interactions with Bheem appear genuine. Though I like both characters, Bheem is the one you root for in the film. You worry about what happens when they learn each other’s identities. The actors for both are wonderful. 

Rama Rao Jr. is perfect at emoting strength combined with innocence. He makes Bheem a gentle soul with an intractable sense of right and wrong. You want to hug him time and again. Ram Charan Teja expresses everything in the eyes, just like Rama Rao Jr. He exudes strength and rage, so it is surprising to see him smile for the first time. That is what makes their relationship enjoyable to watch. Bheem brings out Raju’s smiles and together they are unstoppable.

RRR is a top-ten film of 2022. Where other films struggle to balance delving into multiple genres, this movie does it with ease. The conflict, comedy, shades of romance, music, song, and surprises in RRR keep your eyes glued to the screen. With all the movie has to offer, do not miss out on watching. 

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