Love Of Kill Volume 09 Brings In Family Drama To The Mayhem [Manga]

Love Of Kill Volume 09 cover art of Chateau laying amidst petals

Love Of Kill Volume 09 opens with more of the mystery of Chateau’s past wide open. From Yen Press, the manga, created by Fe with translation by Eleanor Ruth Summers and lettering by Chiho Christie, feels like a completed portion of a puzzle. With a possible enemy-to-friend pairing to go with the enemy-to-lovers storyline, Love Of Kill Volume 09 brings all Chateau’s friends together on a rescue mission amidst an unfurling coup. 

The volume has six chapters and another comical Special File chapter at the end. Still filled with various flashbacks, including how the men from Ritzland Support joined forces with Ryang-Ha and Nikka to rescue Chateau. Though the scope is still unclear, the power of the Noble family is undeniable, as is the dysfunction. There are affairs and festering jealousies that create the chain of events leading to Chateau’s abandonment. 

Cheers To Hopefully Multiple Bromances

While there is endless hope for Nikka and Jim (tired of using Indian guy, so went with the anime’s name) bromance, seeing the frustration of Ryang-Ha as Nikka continues poking at him is hilarious. Perhaps Ryang-Ha will recognize the symmetry between their relationship and his and Chateau’s, but alas, guys tend to be dense. The level of trolling Nikka gives Ryang-Ha is on par with what Ryang-Ha puts Chateau through. When Nikka calls out Chateau’s name, Ryang-Ha’s reaction is side-splitting. Take that!

Love Of Kill’s Donny Is Still A Mystery

Love Of Kill Volume 09 cover art of Chateau laying amidst petals
Love Of Kill Volume 09 cover art of Chateau

Donny and Chateau’s grandfather faked her father’s, Liszt Noble, death though the why remains unknown. As evidenced by this volume, Donny no longer sides with Chateau’s grandfather. His focus is Chateau, but his motivation seems less about care and more about using her as a pawn in his master plan, whatever that may be. Most of the Noble family is not a part of the plan, so violence erupts. I hope there is more backstory regarding Donny’s past and connection to Liszt. 

Chateau Needs To Stay Gone

This volume raises the question about adult behavior excused by childhood trauma. After all, childhood pain takes the longest to heal and, in some instances, never does. It seems Nelson Noble, Liszt’s half-brother, is responsible for Liszt’s actual death after Liszt went into hiding. Nelson is the child of a mom who allegedly had an affair, and the Noble family questioned his legitimacy; Nelson had a rough childhood. But murder seems an extreme response.

To cap it off, the flashbacks show Liszt as the caring older brother and though he felt pity for Nelson, murdering Liszt is excessive. But who would not after seeing a child neglected and gossiped about by full-blown adults? Chateau needs to avoid this twisted family and Donny.

Love Of Kill Volume 09 leaves you cheering for Chateau and Ryang-Ha to reunite. The family drama is an excellent addition since there is not much in the series. Plus, where there is family drama, there is violence. I hope Nikka starts working for Ritzland Support because he is hilarious, and please, more bromances between Nikka, Jim, and Ryang-Ha. Nikka is in a perilous situation; they all need to escape the island with shooters massacring people. Also, that poor little boy Chris, Nelson’s son, is roaming around looking for help. Ending on a cliffhanger, Love Of Kill Volume 09 is a powder keg, primed to explode in the next issue. 

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