The Do-Over Damsel Volume 1 Flies High With fun Characters

The Do-Over Damsel Volume 1 cover of Jill sitting in a chair with Hadis leaning on the back and the dragon god, Rave behind him.

The Do-Over Damsel Volume 1 or by it’s lengthier title, The Do-Over Damsel Conquers the Dragon Emperor Volume 1 brings laughter and action to readers. Plus, there is an adorable dragon that’s far too cute because it’s so tiny. There are disturbing elements to the story. So, while the first volume seems lighthearted primarily, there is an underlying unease. Its sweetness and shades of dark subject matter bear similarity to magical girl stories like Madoka Magica. While it leans into the humor, The Do-Over Damnsel Volume 1 is more than fluff, reeling readers in with intriguing characters and potential. 

Written by Sarasa Nagase with art by Anko Yuzu, character design by Mitsuya Fuji, translated by John Neal, and lettered by Adnazeer Macalangcom, the story starts with Jill Cervel narrating a flashback from a party six years ago. In the Yen Press manga, she describes her first encounter with Prince Gerald Der Kratos. The young prince confessed his love and proposed to her when she was ten. You heard that right. But Jill possesses “monstrous magical power.” So, she decides to devote herself to him when he accepts her. Until she learns his secret and he attempts to execute her. Then, somehow, she’s sent back in time to the day of that party. 

The Do-Over Damsel Volume 1 Is Surprising And Hilarious

When the person Jill confesses her love for turns out to be the cursed Dragon Emperor, Hadis Teos Rave, she fears she slipped one guillotine for another. She’s even more horrified when he accepts her proposal and declaration of love at first sight. Her internal rants about Hadis and his joy that she is under the age of fourteen are comical. Their interactions are funny, charming, and sweet. But there is something else afoot. 

Whatever it is, it ties in with her magic, age, and the fact that she sees his Dragon God companion, Rave. Hadis is like Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club—charming and sweet with a clueless, innocent quality. Unsurprising, he gets his relationship understanding from romantic books. That paves the way for a lot of laughs. Also, dragon Rave is arguably the twins from Ouran High School Host Club—setting Hadis up to look ridiculous. 

Some Disturbing Story Parts Pave Potential Disaster

The Do-Over Damsel Volume 1 cover of Jill sitting in a chair with Hadis leaning on the back and the dragon god, Rave behind him.
The Do-Over Damsel Volume 1 cover. Yen Press.

There is incest mentioned in passing to start. So, this hardly seems like a light story. Not to mention, Jill’s age raising red flags. The world this series builds resides in that time when kids married young and adulthood began far too early. The characters also show awareness that this is unacceptable. Or, at least, Jill does. While it’s a sixteen-year-old mind stuck in a ten-year-old body, both are still too young. Most stories and films use that tactic to circumvent deserved disgust and criticism. As such, a proceed with caution warning is necessary. If it veers off the wrong way, this can get disturbing fast. 

What Changed the Dragon Emperor?

Jill’s hesitance stems from how she knows him in the future. Once an honorable warrior, something happened to make Hadis snap. When she faced him in battle and lost, he ordered his men to murder every man, woman, and child. The only reason he stopped was she called him weak for relishing brutality. So, Jill knows what’s on the horizon but has no clue what sets him off. The Do-Over Damsel Volume 1 keeps flashbacks to a minimum and keeps them brief. It shows you something pertinent without additional filler and keeps it moving. This allows the pace of the first volume to remain at a steady and comedic clip. 

The Do-Over Damsel Volume 1 mixes laughs, magic, and action. Its darker undertone allows this series to grow regarding Jill, Hadis, and the world. Jill might be a 16-year-old stuck in her 10-year-old body, but the story needs to keep that aspect cute. Thanks to the exciting characters, comedy, and dangers on the horizonThe Do-Over Damsel Volume 1 is a promising first volume for the series. 

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