Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom volume 2 Is a Fun-Filled Fairytale World

Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom Volume 2 cover of Abigail looking at a dress with Blanche beside her.

Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom Volume 2 adds so many laughs thanks to its lead. But it still takes time to build up drama and underlying tensions that Abigail (formerly Baekhap Lee) and readers attempt to piece together. Plus, a change of scenery looms as they gear up to attend a Foundation Day Ball. But there are undercurrents with this particular event. Still, with so many heartwarming moments, Abigail’s Sawako-like facial expressions, and cuteness on overload, Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom Volume 2 maintains what made the first volume so engrossing. 

With an original story by Iru, illustrated by Mo9Rang, translated by Kakao Entertainment Inc., and lettered by Chana Conley, the volume kicks off with an awkward meal between Abigail and her husband, Sabrian. The Yen Press comic uses full-color illustrations that feel so comedically similar to Kimi Ni Todoke. Except here, as Abigail’s the “villain,” her face often looks evil. But this new Abigail, unknown to her husband and stepdaughter, wants to make clothes for her adorable stepdaughter. Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom Volume 2 gets her one step closer to her dream.

Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom Volume 2 Focuses on Family

Abigail’s comedy is everywhere. But her focus is not only on getting Blanche in cute clothes she designs. She’s a caring person. As such, seeing the lack of relationship between Sabrian and his daughter bothers her. Even with the volume’s laughs, there’s time for something meaningful. Abigail is such a light because she also brings her awareness from her previous life with her into this fairytale one. So, she understands the harm of starving a child to ensure they do not gain weight. It negatively impacts their relationship with food and themselves.  

While Sabrian’s less annoying than the previous volume, he goes from zero to a hundred at the drop of a hat. He’s like a seesaw, first cold, then kind. However, in Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom Volume 2, there are comical moments where he angers Abigail, and her reaction leaves him flabbergasted. It’s priceless. But it doesn’t change that he’s a neglectful father who doesn’t even share a meal with his child. Like most men, he’s more interested in Abigail because she told him she doesn’t want him. So, it’s hard to root for this aspect. But it’s heartwarming watching Abigail bring father and daughter together. 

An Adventure Out The Home

Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom Volume 2 cover of Abigail looking at a dress with Blanche beside her.
Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom Volume 2 cover. Yen Press.

As the Foundation Day Ball nears, past events begin coming to the fore. While Abigail is not the honest Abigail, she retains a lot of the information and knows the feelings of the woman whose body she now inhabits. Their marriage is still a royal relationship, but Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom Volume 2 teases the potential for a lot of fun or a fiasco akin to last year’s but worse. 

In addition, Abigail still must be vigilant because someone did poison her. Although, with Verite lurking in the mirrors, she at least has a spycam to keep an eye out for threats. Add to that pressure all around for her and Sabrian to procreate, and there’s drama on the horizon. Still, laughs will continue based on Abigail’s villainous smile alone. 

Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom Volume 2 is a hilarious follow-up to the first volume. The Snow White fairytale was the jumping-off point. But this series makes the story all its own while continuing to bring laughs, intrigue, and societal pressures for beauty and size. Abigail is funny, caring, and uncompromising regarding who she cares about. Thanks to her and Blanche’s cuteness, Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom Volume 2 keeps the hilarity and heart. 

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