If the Villainess and Villain Met 1 Shows Toxic Love

If the Villainess and Villain Met 1 cover of Brigette and Yuri holding hands.

If the Villainess and Villain Met and Fell in Love 1 is quite the lengthy title. But there is a lot to enjoy in this book. Granted, the villainess and villain do not seem to be genuine baddies. However, there are plenty of surprises. Set primarily in a fancy academy, it centers around Brigette. She is a villainess trying to change her image. But the book expands into more. If the Villainess and Villain Met 1 has slice-of-life moments but focuses on developing characters through surprising instances of competitiveness and bullying. 

Written by Harunadon, illustrated by Yomi Sarachi, and translated by Judy Jordan, the story opens dramatically—with a broken engagement. The Yen Press light novel starts with a creepy prince, Prince Joseph, dumping Brigitte at a party in front of their whole school. He accuses her of bullying his friend, Lisa. It immediately seems suspicious because Brigitte is in shock but denies the accusations. Still, the story has plenty more turns for readers, making it easy to get invested.

If the Villainess and Villain Met 1 Gives A Tragic Yet Determined Villainess

Harunadon sets up a fascinating mix of innocence, kindness, and grit in Brigitte. Still, the accusation of “villainess” didn’t appear out of thin air. Her ex influenced her attitude toward others. It’s tragic how often kids lose themselves while bending backward to suit their partners. Sadly, adults are not much different. Brigitte’s behavior continued for years, so now the challenge is unlearning it. Seeing her struggle but determination to change is uplifting and heartbreaking, especially given the years of abuse she suffered from her parents and peers. If the Villainess and Villain Met 1 makes rooting for her while praying for their destruction easy. 

An Impactful Depiction of Trauma

The world sets up clans of different magic users. Brigitte Meidel’s family is a fire clan. To use magic, they must contract with a spirit. Unfortunately, Brigitte’s contracted spirit was tiny, or a “no-name,” as people call it. Her father not only burned her hand as a child but also kicked her out of the main house when she was five years old. The physical abuse is bad enough. But hearing her father and later others accuse her of being a changeling causes a visceral reaction. If the Villainess and Villain Met 1 explores Brigitte’s unaddressed childhood trauma and the impact it continues to have on her life. 

If the Villainess and Villain Met 1 Has Competitive Hijinks Similar to Another Story

So far, Brigitte’s character and the world are the most distinct aspects of If the Villainess and Villain Met 1. There is some similarity to Bride of the Barrier Master, which only makes the series more endearing. Seeing heroines who get a bad rap as evil or inconsequential, who then rise above it is an underdog tale any reader can enjoy. Sure, some villains flip-flop to heroes too quickly in these stories, but that’s part of their appeal. 

If the Villainess and Villain Met 1 cover of Brigette and Yuri holding hands.
If the Villainess and Villain Met 1 cover. Yen Press.

Yuri, another classmate students view as a villain from a water clan, becomes Brigitte’s first school friend. Like many of the rest, his character is interchangeable with characters from other series. But it’s only the first volume, and If the Villainess and Villain Met 1 showcases bullying and how perceptions are not what they seem while building Brigitte’s character. As long as future volumes take the same care for other characters while maintaining conflict, it’s easy to keep reading.

Worth a Go For Laughs and a Lesson

If the Villainess and Villain Met 1 has a compelling heroine as a villainess with potential for growth alongside an exciting world and enemies and friends on the horizon. There’s still a question mark around Brigitte’s ex, Joseph, and what his end game is for his manipulations and his jealous partner, Lisa, which makes the next volume essential. The romantic portion is less attractive than the socializing among peers, what lies ahead for Brigitte, and how her family might play into it. 

If the Villainess and Villain Met and Fell in Love Volume 1 brings enough emotions and originality to a magical world while plunging readers into a humiliating start to grasp and maintain attention. The title might emphasize romantic potential, but it’s preferable to see a build-up that makes readers care for the characters. 

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