Oshi No Ko Volume 4 Teases a Love Triangle

Oshi No Ko Volume 4 cover of Kana Arima standing with a finger over her lips.

Oshi No Ko Volume 4 sees the gradual pieces of Aqua’s vengeance fit together. Though it’s slow going, it intentionally emphasizes significant industry issues for those in entertainment. But this volume takes a sharp and exciting turn. The new B Komachi prepares to perform live in front of an audience. What drives Oshi No Ko Volume 4 is its revenge plot propelled by the characters and a candid look at a cutthroat industry—making audiences insiders in the know. 

Created by Aka Akasaka with art by Mengo Yokoyari, translation by Taylor Engel, and lettered by Abigail Blackman, the volume begins with the conclusion of “The Dating Reality Show Arc.” The Yen Press manga covers ten chapters, ending the arc above and diving into “The First Concert Arc.” There are still plenty of industry insights. While Aqua is the primary source of what readers learn through his experiences and conversations, Ruby also has moments. 

Oshi No Ko Volume 4 Focuses on A Rivalry

A love triangle might be too strong a phrase, but two girls are circling Aqua, Kana Arima, and Akane Kurokawa. To top it off, they are rivals in the industry. As children, Kana got all the roles Akane desired. But Akane honed her skills in stage plays, and now her talent rivals Kana’s. Kana’s jealousy of Akane isn’t too surprising. Despite them all working in the industry, as Aqua pointed out previously, these are kids. As such, they are still prone to all the ridiculous mistakes children make and petty jealousies.

Oshi No Ko Volume 4 cover of Kana Arima standing with a finger over her lips.
Oshi No Ko Volume 4 cover. Yen Press.

Kana is the main focus of this volume. It presents her backstory, showing why her personality is the way it is. Oshi No Ko Volume 4 builds a sympathetic past. Failing alone is one thing, but failing and letting down others who depend on that success is worse. It’s also a sad thing to feel unnecessary. Kana’s tough exterior—likely built up over the years—hides a scared, insecure interior.

She doubts her talents due to impostor syndrome or an inferiority complex. Still, thanks to some coercion and horrendous singing on Ruby and Mem-cho’s parts, Kana steps up for their music festival debut. Oshi No Ko Volume 4 tackles genuine problems in the industry and how the adults around entertainment kids impact their lives. 

Ageism Is Prevalent in Most Industries, But Even More With Idols

Many performers churn out music well into their thirties and beyond. But it is rare for any artist in the music industry to start their career at that age. In the world of idols, it’s unheard of to do this. Oshi No Ko Volume 4 highlights briefly the issue with that. Not only can it shatter someone’s dream, but it’s possible to miss out on someone with a lot of potential just because they do not check the age box. Real life doesn’t always let people pursue their goals as teens and young adults. 

Oshi No Ko Volume 4 shows the lucky fortune of Aqua’s continued acquaintances, leading him closer to discovering the identity of his father and Ai’s murderer. The gods seem to favor Aqua’s path, so perhaps when Ruby said the god of entertainment favors Ai, it was unknowingly the truth. Although the mystery plays in the story’s background, the authenticity of the ins and outs of the industry—ageism, child stars, posting on social media, and plot—maintains rapt attention. Oshi No Ko Volume 4 builds up to the music festival and keeps excitement for B Komachi’s live performance at a fever pitch. 

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