Mark, Mary & Some Other People—Tribeca Review

Mark, Mary & Some Other People, directed and written by Hannah Marks, screened at Tribeca and isn’t the typical love story that shows the highs and lows of a relationship. Like its title suggests, Mark (Ben Rosenfeld) and Mary (Haley Law) are newlyweds who explore an open relationship. So, there is more comedy to be found just in the process of their process. Written and directed by Hannah Marks, Mark, Mary & Some Other People has excellent comedic timing, heartfelt affection, and quirky characters that bring it to life. The qualities of the characters create a viewing experience that moves the film past the average romantic comedy.

Accepted: Tragic Look At Education [Tribeca Review]

Accepted is a documentary directed by Dan Chen that looks at the college preparatory school, TM Landry. The school touts a 100% college acceptance rate for students, but underneath that impressive record lies questions and harm. It raises questions about our educational system, the different schools and prep academies, and the inequalities that create a cycle of poverty for those already impoverished.