The Killing Hole Trailer Is Frightening And Daring

The Killing Hole cover of a hand holding a knife.

Storm King Comics unveils a trailer for their upcoming graphic novel, The Killing Hole. Written by Steve Niles (30 Days of NightMystery Society), illustrated by Trevor Dunham with colors by Ryan Winn, and lettered by Janice Chiang, the Storm King Productions, the trailer is visual and auditory brilliance. So, watching the trailer is an immersive experience. After all, it feels like transporting into a world where John Carpenter’s The Fog or George Romero’s Creepshow exists. 

Then again, it’s not surprising given the track playing, “Tuning the Bones,” is by John and Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies. In addition, the music has that tense buildup of terror that makes the hair on the nape and arms stand up in fright. From their album Lost Themes III: Alive After Death, the sounds complement The Killing Hole visuals playing out onscreen alongside its gritty artwork style. 

The Killing Hole trailer. Courtesy of Storm King Comics via Youtube.

The Killing Hole looks to upend the coming-of-age stories. But it’s set in the Gen X time of 1979, Stewart, 14 years old, is a lonely kid. Neglected by his divorced parents, living with his alcoholic mom and absentee older sister, life at home is rough enough. Unfortunately, he also deals with bullies at school. Then, one day, he notices a new kid, Peter, who has it just as bad, if not worse. As they bond over their hatred, the situation turns dark.  

Fans of older horror films will delight in how this trailer captures that grim aesthetic. As evidenced by the trailer, it looks to be violent and horrifying. After all, there is only so much victims of bullying can withstand before they snap. So, it’s giving Carrie without the telekinetic might. With the trailer and the Salem’s Lot hairstyles of the time, it’s sure to be a dark, winding, joyride.

What do you think of the trailer for The Killing Hole?

The Killing Hole releases on July 23.

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