Tower #1 Is a Survival Story With a Compelling Mystery

Tower #1 cover of Casandra, Kimi, and Big Mac

With Tower #1, you’re thrown right into the drama. Feeling like a blend between Running Man, Battle Royale, and a game with HP, the urgency of Casandra’s situation makes you feel like there’s no time to waste. Though confusing, you’re wondering what’s happening right alongside the characters, and there are plenty of questions that need answers left unanswered. While the mystery is scintillating, Tower #1 does lack character investment. 

Tower #1 is a miniseries from A Brave Blue World by writers Camrus Johnson and Kelsey Barnhart with art by ChrisCross, coloring by Andrew Dalhouse, and lettering by Deron Bennett. Casandra’s personality seems to be that of a do-gooder, but we don’t know much about anything of them. She awakens in a room white an announcer explains they need to fight to survive. Interestingly, none of the characters talk about their actions prior to waking up there. 

Tower #1 Lives Out A Deadly Game

Tower #1 panel of Casandra searching a chest.
Tower #1 promo panel

Missing the opportunity to grab a starter weapon, she heads out to seek assistance, and the first man she encounters attacks her. Fortunately, she runs into another player named Jess, who protects her, allowing her to escape. Next, she meets Kimi and Big Mac, who are squaring off in a fight. Somehow she manages to talk them down, and they, along with Jesse, form a team with Casandra. 

The game aspect lulls some of them into believing it’s not real. Hence, there is no issue if they kill another player. Their HP—meaning health meter—is 20, and their specs are visible, so all game attributes. Yet, it’s a wonder none of them opt to die to escape this game, especially if they believe it’s a dream. But the situation does give you a glimpse into their personalities. 

Shallow Characters So Far

Casandra seems kind, and though she doesn’t wholly believe this is real, she does not want to kill anyone. Jess is a tad self-righteous, Big Mac a jerk at first, and Kimi seems withdrawn. There’s too little besides these quick attributes to understand whether this is a group you want to follow on this journey. They lack depth or fascination. 

The illustrations and panels are stunning. The characters each look distinct, standing out from each other. Even their appearance ties in with the little you know about their personality. Their facial features, particularly Jess’s jawline, emphasize who they are. There’s also not too much action, so much as arguing. The artwork stands out more than what occurs in the plot. 

Potential Thanks to Artwork & Mystery

Tower #1 cover of Casandra, Kimi, and Big Mac
Tower #1 cover art

Alluding to a mystery can whet the appetite as long as enough entertainment occurs, but it feels more like a bland setup here. In Tower #1, it seems like something’s happening as you read, but after, you realize not much happened. Thankfully, there is a creepy cliffhanger at the end with a newcomer who looks chilling, like a character from Battle Royale killing for fun. Despite an underwhelming beginning, I plan to give Tower #1 a chance. Sometimes series need more investment to hit their stride, and with the illustrations and similarities to two of my favorite films, I’m hopeful it will pick up the pace. 

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