Twas the Night Review

Twas the Night poster with Nick and Holly carrying Santa

Twas the Night is a low-budget, holiday comedy that reminds me a bit of Weekend at Bernie’s. The film, written and directed by Chris Rodriguez and Grant Rosado, is about a newly engaged couple having a get-together at their home with their respective parents when some unforeseen drama throws a kink in their festivities. There are some awkward moments where the comedy doesn’t land, but there are funny moments too and imagining myself in that situation created more humor.

The Wrong Side of Viral

Twas the Night poster with Nick and Holly carrying Santa
Twas the Night poster courtesy of Vertical Entertainment

Nick (David S. Perez) and Holly (Nicole Pringle) are both nervous about their parents meeting at their house. Holly decorates the home while stressing over an out-of-commission bathroom that needs repairs. To top it off, Holly went viral in a video where she berates a costumed Santa on the corner for ringing his bell. So now everyone thinks Holly hates Christmas and she’s terrified her future in-laws saw the video. The story does not stretch belief; it takes real possibilities including going viral, an accident and race and merges it into a comedic tale.

Trying to turn it around, Holly invites said Santa, Jesús (Abel Rosario), into her house for a hot beverages and cookies. She apologizes, which Santa kindly accepts, but when he tries to help fix a decoration by the door, her fiance walks in hits the chair Santa is on top of, knocking him out. Given the viral video and that Holly is Black, she fears what will happen and what her in-laws will think, so they decide to hide the body. Of course, ensuring nosy parents who have never seen your home do not discover the body is easier said than done.

Acting & Comedic Delivery Mostly Hits

Nicole Pringle has hilarious facial expressions that left me cackling. Her character Holly and Santa, aka Jesús, were my favorites. His relaxed, calm, and giving demeanor is an example of what the holidays, and every day, should be, while Holly’s character depicts the challenges to maintaining that jolliness. Not all the acting is on point, some feel flat, but it still made me laugh. I am a sucker for holiday comedies, so Twas the Night is right up my festive, icicle, twinkle-light alley. 

The cast playing the parents do a decent job; especially doing what parents do; making you feel like a child on punishment regardless of age. With the added pressure of needing to impress each other’s parents and conceal a body, the desire not to make waves or cause undue attention competes with that natural response when our parents push our buttons adds up to hilarity. Seeing grown adults fight not to sulk after their parents admonish them is hilariously familiar. The direction is good and helps with the comedic aspects while the festive music adds that extra, laughter-inducing, touch. 

Need More Holiday Comedies

Despite some flat moments, Twas the Night held my attention easier than supposed Best Picture films despite some mediocre moments. Twas the Night is diverse, funny and will leave you counting your blessings that you are not on the wrong side of a viral video. Or forced to stash a Santa in your bathtub while your in-laws are wining and dining downstairs. 

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