The Underdoggs Is Hilarious Thanks to Its Cast’s Chemistry

Underdoggs still of Jaycen (Snoop Dogg) dressed it a suit huddled next to kids in football uniforms.

The Underdoggs is a surprisingly fun time, filled with humor, disses, and vibing music. It’s not seamless, but most parts bring the whole alive, making it an entertaining underdog story. With Snoop Dogg at the cast helm, it’s easy to sit back and enjoy because there has yet to be a film where his presence did not elevate the movie. There have been other movies with the washed-up talent coaching an underdog team, but The Underdoggs stands out thanks to its talented cast. 

Directed by Charles Stone III and written by Isaac Schamis, Constance Schwartz-Morini, and Danny Segal, the movie focuses on an egotistical, “self-made,” former football star, Jaycen “Two J’s” Jennings. Through a series of events, Jaycen coaches a football team with elementary school kids. Some of the comedy misses the mark, feeling less like a community joke and more how outsiders perceive humor. But jokes are only part of the battle; the second half is execution, and Snoop Dogg is hilarious while even handling some of the more dramatic moments. But anyone who saw his previous films—Bones—should not be surprised. 

The Underdoggs Makes Use of Social Media 

Underdoggs poster of Jaycen (Snoop Dogg) holding a football, while the cast stands behind him.
The Underdoggs. An Amazon MGM Studios film.

Many films incorporate social media, but only some handle it in a genre setting with skill. But one of the funniest moments is early on in the movie with a guffaw-inspiring meme. Watching it is standalone funny, but recalling other memes adds another level of laughter. The Underdoggs also showcases a reminder—though the devout will ignore it—of how famous people use everything as a public relations opportunity. The movie also incorporates many athletes/sports commentators, giving The Underdoggs an extra layer of believability. 

Cast Has Great Chemistry

Underdoggs still of Jaycen (Snoop Dogg) dressed it a suit huddled next to kids in football uniforms.
(L to R) Snoop Dogg as Jaycen “Two Js” Jennings in director Charles Stone III’s THE UNDERDOGGS. An Amazon MGM Studios film. Photo credit: Jacob Kemp © 2024 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc.

The rest of the cast deliver in their respective roles. Tika Sumpter, as Cherise, adds a sweet, vulnerable aspect to this mom and Jaycen’s former girlfriend. But she also adds that known mom layer that is not in the mood for nonsense. Mike Epps has excellent comedic timing as Kareem. But the issue with his character is that the comedic bits for laughs don’t always reach.

The cast of kids are hilarious. Tre (Jonigan Booth), Dwayne (Caleb Dixon), Tony (Adam James Carrillo), Gary (Alexander Michael Gordon), and Ghost (Kylah Davila) deliver insults like it’s their careers. Jonigan, Carrillo, and Gordon are hilarious in their ways. From supposed tough kids, to claims of hooking up, to Game of Thrones, there’s something familiar for everyone who’s dealt with young boys.

The comedy has some cringeworthy moments. Then it switches to oddly enlightened humor, such as talks of consent. The Underdoggs‘ humor is exaggerated in many places, and barbs come fast and furious. But some humor feels less funny and more about making fun of the characters. While a couple of the writers wrote for shows like Grown-ish, their style of humor doesn’t always work in this movie. But, more often than not, its cast delivers. Some of the scenes stretch belief, such as when an adult curses out a child in front of that kid’s parent. 

Worthwhile Viewing For Fun, But Maybe Not for Kids

The Underdoggs has more hilarious “dayum” moments that make up for flatter bits. The cast’s chemistry helps keep the film fresh. Even with the title, the film feels unique among other underdog tales. As evidenced by its intro, the movie is not meant to be taken seriously. It’s only meant to be a good time. Social media, court hijinks, and Snoop Dogg at the movie’s center seal the deal for entertainment. In addition, the inspiration for this story adds another layer of joy. Even amidst missed humor, The Underdoggs maintains overall comedic momentum, ensuring a fun time. 

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