Viz Manga and Marvel Unlimited Unite With a Special Offer

Viz Manga and Marvel Unlimited image of Deadpool: Samurai comic

After Viz Media and Marvel Comics joined up in 2022, they brought superheroes to the world of Japanese manga. But now, the duo is looking to ratchet up more surprises for fans and announcing a giveaway. Viz Manga is adding Marvel comics to its slate of digital reads. What does this mean?

For those already subscribed to Viz Manga this spells good news. Because hardcore fans of Marvel’s slate of iconic comic superheroes, they can now immerse themselves in the tales of heroics and chaos. So, this means enjoying titles like Deadpool: Samurai, where Deadpool meets the Avengers’ Samurai Squad, Wolverine: Snikt!, and morewhich are already available on Viz Manga. Superheroes meets Japan manga mayhem? Yes, please!

In addition, beginning in the fall of this year, readers can catch up on Spiderman: Octo-Girl and the manga adaptation of the X-Men titled X-Men: The Manga: Remastered. So, fans of manga and Marvel can delve into comics about their favorite superheroes and superheroes in a Japanese manga world! 

Viz Manga and Marvel Unlimited logo of Wolverine: Snikt!.
Viz Manga and Marvel Unlimited logo of Wolverine: Snikt!. Courtesy of Viz Media.

To celebrate, Viz Manga and Marvel Unlimited are offering a special co-promotion of one-month free subscriptions to each other’s digital services. So, subscribers for Viz will get a one-month subscription to Marvel Unlimited and vice versa. Marvel Unlimited subscribers can wade into Viz Manga, including manga like Junji Ito and Zom 100for one month free. 

However, this only applies to current subscribers and only those in the United States. Current subscribers will get a code via email, and the offer lasts from April 16, 2024, to May 16, 2024. Subscribers of Viz Manga or Marvel Unlimited should be on the lookout for that email and take full advantage of their free month. 

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