Alien: Romulus Is The Latest Alien Film With a Jaw-Dropping Teaser

Alien: Romulus image of girl holding a weapon.

Fans of the Alien franchise rejoice. 20th Century Studios released the Alien: Romulus trailer. The brief teaser trailer shows a nightmare as face-huggers—plural—break loose. What does one call a group of face-huggers? A foundation? A makeover? Be that as it may, thanks to the inclusion of Fede Alvarez directing, hopes for Alien: Romulus are high. After all, he directed 2013’s Evil Dead and the unforgettable turkey-baster horror Don’t Breathe in 2016. 

The first Alien, directed by Ridley Scott (a producer on this new film), appeared in 1979 and featured one xenomorph on a rampage. However, its sequel, Aliens, directed by James Cameron in 1986, lets audiences know from the title that it is xenomorphs—plural. Arguably, later installments have not been as jaw-dropping as the first two. But its longevity is undeniable—six films in the Alien collection and two others in the cross-horror clashes with Alien vs. Predator films. And with Alvarez at the helm, fortune is on their side. 

So far, the synopsis keeps it vague. A group of young people have to face off against the aliens. How or why did they wind up in such a dire situation? Time will tell. In addition, the youthful cast includes includes Isabella Merced (Sicario: Day of the SoldadoDora and the Lost City of Gold), Cailee Spaeny (PriscillaBad Times at the El Royale), Archie Renaux (MorbiusCatherine Called Birdy), and David Jonsson (Rye LaneIndustry). 

The Alien: Romulus trailer builds the dread at the outset. It leaves the screaming and pleading for the opening before letting loose with the action and face-huggers. Naturally, they leave the full-grown xenomorph for the trailer’s end. With that jaw-dropping and chilling climax it’s no wonder people are excited. So, here’s hoping for an acid-dripped summer joyride!

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Alien: Romulus releases on August 16th!

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