Being a Muse Volume 2 Shows The Fight For Self Love

The Essence of Being a Muse Volume 2 cover of Miyuu covered with canvases and paint.

The Essence of Being a Muse Volume 2 accurately portrays how an individual’s determination seesaws back and forth. The lead character resembles so many in and out of the creative industry. The potential love triangle still exists, but the manga and Miyuu wisely place it on the back burner. Through familiar struggles for confidence, The Essence of Being a Muse Volume 2 expands on Miyuu’s journey to find herself through experiences and art. 

Created by Aya Fumino, translated by Ajani Oloye, and lettered by Lys Blakeslee, it starts with Miyuu stepping up to pursue her passion. The Yen Press manga focuses on the inner turmoil many experience through the focused story of Miyuu’s path toward creating art. At least she’s out of her mother’s controlling home and now attends night art classes. It’s not merely a tale of a struggling or starving artist. There is more to unpack in the series. 

The Essence of Being a Muse Volume 2 Shows Realistic Struggle

While movies and shows often capture the moment where a protagonist is all in on their dream, it rarely occurs in life. People are susceptible to self-doubt brought on by their thoughts or outside criticisms and insults. So, the path is never linear. Miyuu’s story showcases this as situations, societal pressures, and insecurities hinder her. She escapes her home but soon realizes that though she initially felt free, she’s still playing a part. Society forces people to wear personas, ones that fit their appearance. 

Because of this, Miyuu has difficulty creating art that reflects how she sees herself in class. She, after all, does not know who she is, and that, in turn, hinders her from letting loose with her artistic style. It’s the equivalent of a writer finding their voice. It’s challenging when people don’t know themselves or refuse to face it. 

It Highlights Societal Stresses Around Age 

The Essence of Being a Muse Volume 2 cover of Miyuu covered with canvases and paint.
The Essence of Being a Muse Volume 2 cover

The world is for the young is an oft-used and believed sentiment. But society expects young people to know what they want and pursue it, often before college. It presents a challenge for those who do not have the opportunity and nurturing environment or those who do not know themselves. Plus, as a person ages, that feeling of having all the time in the world fades. So, Miyuu struggles in art class while younger, more talented students thrive, and Miyuu ridicules herself. Adding that she doesn’t know herself increases her insecurity. The Essence of Being a Muse Volume 2 is painful, yet beautiful in how it captures those struggles. 

The Essence of Being a Muse Volume 2 focuses on Miyuu’s challenges. It’s only fitting as she tries to focus on herself. Finding oneself becomes increasingly tricky in a world where everyone expects people to check boxes for beauty, talent, and coolness. Miyuu moves forward, falls, and stands back up. That’s life in any pursuit. It’s easy to enjoy The Essence of Being a Muse Volume 2 because readers can see themselves reflected on its pages. 

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