The Remarried Empress Volume 4 Is Drama But Little Depth

The Remarried Empress Volume 4 cover of Navier standing with Rashta's back pressed against hers.

The Remarried Empress Volume 4 shows why Navier is a cut above those around her, including her husband. There’s a lot of manipulation and planning as people move to increase their position and wealth. Navier’s motivations feel unknown. But her icy exterior is understandable given mistress Rashta’s maneuvers and her foolish husband. The Remarried Empress Volume 4 has fewer laughs but increases the high society intrigue. 

With an original story by Alphatart, adapted by HereLee, and art by Sumpul, the comic, translated by Webtoon and lettered by Chiho Christie, feels dated and timeless. After all, outside of this Yen Press comic and other stories, there are societies with kingdoms and emperors nowadays. But the manipulative games and playing things close to the chest remain the same in any society. As Navier’s the empress, this high society shenanigans hold readers’ interest as they feel out villains and the characters’ motivations.

The Remarried Empress Volume 4 Serves Crafty and Frustrating Rashta

Why any woman, let alone two, would compete for the affection of one man is beyond me. Rashta’s deviousness and waterworks manipulate those around her, including the emperor. It’s unclear why she wastes her energies securing herself to a man who not only sees her as a mere mistress but also plans to take her child from her for Navier to raise if Navier cannot produce a child of her own. But her machinations demonstrate intellect and prove that many people around her underestimate her. 

Aside from Navier’s internal meanderings, there is still little to understand what drives her. Either she does not think much—unlikely—or readers are not savvy to her every thought. While it’s easy to side with Navier, given her situation, there must be more about her for readers to discover. Otherwise, the connection fizzles out. In fact, this volume is the first where Navier is the least fascinating character. 

Familial Conflicts Appear On the Horizon

The Remarried Empress Volume 4 cover of Navier standing with Rashta's back pressed against hers.
The Remarried Empress Volume 4 cover.

Whatever Navier’s plans, her brother Kosair throws a definite kink into the works. The Remarried Empress Volume 4 feels less royal and more like a reality show with backstabbing, phony allegiances, and manipulations. While Navier tries to avoid giving Rashta any ammunition, hot-tempered Kosair cannot help himself. So, expect to scream at Kosair and Rashta as you read. Now that Kosair has resorted to violence to get some secrets about Rashta, there’s no telling where the series might head. 

The emperor still seems weak, worthless, and all-around awful. So, fingers crossed that he winds up consuming poison. Readers might still sympathize with both Rashta and Navier, but there needs to be something more to both characters. Navier appears to shut down, and Rashta is a schemer. So whether Kosair winds up jailed, executed, or exiled, or if he gets enough dirt on Rashta to expel her, is anyone’s guess. But the characters readers follow in The Remarried Empress Volume 4 need more range. The archetypes of women portrayed in the series paint them as one thing alone. 

The Remarried Empress Volume 4 still keeps readers’ attention. However, maintaining that will be a challenge. The series needs to introduce more to the characters. As it stands now, all their primary attributes are negative. Still, there is enough drama in The Remarried Empress Volume 4 to satiate fans. Plus, there is enough pending trouble to keep them returning. It’s like the Real Housewives meets royal society. 

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