Manner of Death Volume 2 Is Sexy, Exciting and Mysterious

Manner of Death Volume 2 cover of Bun and Tan embracing, Bun's gloved hand wrapped in Tan's with handcuffs connecting their wrists.

Manner of Death Volume 2 brings the prior mystery to a close. Or does it? The question mark remains but quietly slips to the back burner as Bun and Tan move toward an open relationship. Series that have romance and mystery always stand out, and this sexy whodunit series is easy to enjoy. Manner of Death Volume 2 is a seamless yaoi romantic thriller with characters readers will cheer to go the distance. 

With an original story by Sammon, art by Yukari Umemoto, translation by Emma Schumacker, and lettering by DK, the series picks up with the arrival of Dr. Bun’s older brother, Boon. After a flashback to showcase that Bun’s parents favor Boon, Yen Press manga quickly moves to Boon, questioning Tan about his brother. The series goes in surprising directions readers might not anticipate. At first, it seems as though the mystery and romance are akin to Jagged Edge, but then it moves to another mystery and location. Manner of Death keeps readers on their toes. 

Manner of Death Volume 2 Shows Different Side of Tan

Tan might be a lovesick puppy in Bun’s presence, but he’s still a part of a crime syndicate. His actions towards his family raise the question of whether he is a dangerous killer or playing the role too well. Their relationship has some time jumps in this series, which harms it because, while passionate, there has not been enough to cement them as a couple. Besides their looks, there is still not enough between them as a whole, aside from the fraught and dangerous circumstances they meet under. Manner of Death must balance the mystery by peeling back more layers between them. It begins paving the way for that towards the end, and hopefully, readers will get more later. 

If Holmes and Watson Were a Couple

Manner of Death Volume 2 cover of Bun and Tan embracing, Bun's gloved hand wrapped in Tan's with handcuffs connecting their wrists.
Manner of Death Volume 2 cover. Yen Press.

That’s the vibe this series gives. Granted, Tan has no detective skills or the ability to break down the cause of death the way Dr. Bun does. However, their combined efforts get it done. Combined, they’re a dynamic duo of crimefighting but with a more realistic, non-cape-wearing appearance. The way this volume ends sets up the possibility that more death follows them, and it’s up to them to solve each one. People who love romance and mystery will have a field day with this series. 

There is also still the looming mystery of the death that started it all. While the police feel secure that they have found the killer, Bun is not so sure. Perhaps Tan’s role was more significant than he let on. In addition, given his crew of criminals, readers wonder if his goal was to cement himself on the top of the organized crime food chain. For Bun’s sake, let’s hope this is way off base. But as Manner of Death Volume 2 dangles the possibility, something is amiss. 

It’s easy to love the two men at the center of Manner of Death Volume 2. There needs to be more of a balance between them and the action. Still, this is a beautiful, exciting series of two men in love with action and drama. Readers will not put it down until they finish the last page. Manner of Death Volume 2 leaves the door open a crack for the lovers’ first chapter and flings open a window to make way for the next. 

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