Manner of Death Volume 1 Spices Up Coroner’s World

Manner of Death Volume 1 cover art of Bun holding a scalping to Tan's throat and Tan pressing a gun at Bun's chest.

Romance combined with drama that sets the couple on opposite sides is typical. But when the differences also bring in murder and organized crimes, I am a sucker for those. Tack on the yaoi romance, Manner of Death Volume 1 has tons of drama, passion, and danger, plus gorgeous guys. Manner of Death Volume 1 is suspenseful, with cute romantic moments, desire, and a pair of leads you adore.

With art by Yukari Umemoto and an original story by Sammon, the story starts with 30-year-old Dr. Bunnakit, a coroner, relaying his experience with bias. Translated by Emma Schumacker, lettered by DK, and serialized in English from Yen Press, this manhwa begins with readers getting to know Bun. He is gay but hides his identity. It’s not going well, as his most recent girlfriend dumps him when she learns he’s gay. Things turn when police Inspector M requests he comes to a crime scene to identify the cause of death.

Manner of Death Volume 1 is Love or Lust at First Sight

Though it looks like the victim, Janejira, took her own life, Bun quickly surmises someone killed her and staged the scene. His immediate suspicion turns to the gorgeous man comforting Janejira’s sister, Janejira’s boyfriend, Tan. But he’s not a cop. Almost immediately, he receives threats to rule the death a suicide. Someone even breaks into his home and clubs him on the head. Though suspicious of Tan, Tan offers to work with Bun to find out who killed Janejira. It doesn’t take long before passion stews between the pair.

It’s adorable because although Tan is tall, dark, and handsome, he plays cutesy like a sweet puppy when seeking Bun’s affection. They dance around each other for a bit, nervous about admitting how they feel, but the flirtation is off the charts, especially on Tan’s part. They are steamy with that underlying hint of danger that ups all their passionate encounters. Still, I prayed that Tan didn’t kill Janejira. The problem is a lot worse, and that leaves their future uncertain.

Suspicions and Pasts That Could Inform The Present

Manner of Death Volume 1 cover art of Bun holding a scalping to Tan's throat and Tan pressing a gun at Bun's chest.
Manner of Death Volume 1 cover art.

Manner of Death Volume 1 leaves whether Tan murdered Janejira dangling for a long while. Both Bun and Tan have moments of uncertainty in their versatile relationship. Bun’s suspicions are not entirely unfounded, as the situation spirals, but there seems to be more at the root and other potential threats looming. Bun’s determination to get to the bottom of Janejira’s death stems from when he first became a coroner. He gave the wrong cause of death. That mistake added tragedy to the family. So I expect this to come back at some point.

Organized crime is Tan’s problem, which makes me think a little about Yakuza Lover or the film So Close, where people on opposing sides have chemistry. But that’s not all they have to deal with, as attractive men are in their orbit, and there are also prejudicial people running around that can wreak havoc on a relationship. I’m hoping Tan and Bun stand firm in their relationship.

Not Solely A Romance, But a Thriller

Manner of Death Volume 1 is a manhwa with excitement, mystery, tension, and plenty of yaoi passion between the main characters. Their personalities and sexual tension keep holding your attention. But the cute puppy Tan moments with Bun are swoon-worthy. I want to see how they will get out of this dangerous situation and whether they’ll be able to withstand temptation. With Pride Month here, pick up Manner of Death Volume 1 and enjoy.

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